10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds


Though pumpkin seeds are known to be flavor enhancers in most of the sweet dishes and savories, not much of us know more about the nutritional values that it carries. To your surprise it is best used for more things because of its quality of nutrition that it holds. Let us look at those amazing health benefits, which this pumpkin seed has in store for us.

#1. Good for nervous system :

It is the best thing that you can give for your nervous system. It is a nutrient that helps to produce GABA which is acts as an anti depressant and anti stress for our brain and it can maintain a healthy mind for you. It can hold back those mental conditions that come from stress.

#2. Increase good cholesterol :

It has a high value of calories in it. 100 grams of pumpkin seeds can add up to 559 calories. The protein and fat content that is obtained in pumpkin seeds adds to this high value of calories. The high value of fatty acids that is present in the seeds are great for heart health giving away good cholesterol that helps in decreasing bad cholesterol.

#3. Helps improve sleep :

If you have sleep problem then this can solve your problem. it helps in giving you restful sleep. It can be used instead of sleeping pills and so it is called to be a natural sleeping pill that can be used for sleeping well.

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#4. Improves immunity :

If you have poor immunity then this can be a remedy to improve your immune system. Use this regularly and stay away from those daily doses of anti allergens.

#5. Improves your blood levels :

If you are anemic then this can be a source for increasing your hemoglobin count. Iron deficiencies can be handled with these pumpkin seeds as it has great source of iron in it. if you are fed up of having dates then try this.

#6. Good for skin :

If you want a glowing complexion then usage of pumpkin seeds can give you the same. it is a great resource for vitamin E which gives the necessary glow to your skin. Check out the change that pumpkin seeds can bring on your skin.

#7. Stable blood sugar :

These seeds can be utilized to stable your blood sugar levels. Those high diabetic counts can be brought down with the usage of these pumpkin seeds. They are not only great for your heart; they are also good for your diabetes.

#8. Great for prostate :

The prostate gland that creates trouble when age grows can be dealt with these pumpkin seeds. Usage of high levels of pumpkin seeds can be great for prostate because of the high content of mineral zinc.

#9. Keeps you regular :

The rich fiber content in the pumpkin seeds can keep you regular. The required amount of fiber that has to be added on to your diet can be added from these pumpkin seeds. It can also keep you away from all kinds of acetic problems.

#10. Anti inflammatory effects :

If you are sick of arthritis or any kind of inflammatory then this can be a cure for you as they works perfect as anti inflammatory in your body.