10 Best Features Of Google Nexus 5x

Google Nexus 5x
photo credit : amazon.in

Google is now ready to promote different version of Nexus device back to back within the same year and they are also happy to introduce at quick session because in International marketing the demand has been keep on increasing for Nexus device as the day progress. Let us discuss the features of Nexus 5X.

#1. Innovative Dimension Of Nexus 5X

The dimension of the mobile is completely different from other version of nexus device and its structure size is 137.84×69.17×8.59. The display size is really big as compare to other devices of the same brand.

#2. High Storage Area

The internal usage of the other devices is very less as per the previous version is concerned and the current version Nexus 5X has the capability to store up to 32GB Internal usage. This has been really good and there is no need to insert any external disk to store the data.

#3. Peak Level Battery Backup

By taking into consideration of customer feedback of the last version of the nexus device, the manufacture has planed and implemented high range of battery backup which store 2300 mAh. This device is one of the finest backup battery setup.

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#4. Large Sorted Display Screen

The screen display of the nexus 5X has been fine and well good to access all type of documentary files and also edit the document easily. The screen size is 5.17 Inch and it has maximum resolution setup up to 1080 x 1920 pixels.

#5. Hard Core Processor

The internal parts of this device are highly configured with 2.26Hz quad-core processor and it performs the operation as per Qualcomm snapdragon 800 and the internal RAM speed is 2GB with maximum usage of 16GB.

#6. High Sensation

There are various features are been handled by making use of all internal devices that supports Gyroscope, Barometer, Accelerometer, Temperature Sensor, Proximity Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor.

#7. Attainability Of Connectivity

You can find various connectivity options that are supported at high range of values that supports current generation Internet speed that supports the standard of 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac and all other services related to GPS, Bluetooth and headphone access up to 3.5mm.

#8. Software Supports In Nexus 5X

The software which has been already updated in the previous version are not up to the mark but now they have updated the new version Android 5.0 that supports and portable in all operating system especially in windows.

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#9. High Resolution Camera Support

There are various new features has been added in the camera range of this new updated nexus that helps you to take camera on both end. The front camera supports at the maximum pixel range of 5.0Mpx and rear camera support up to 12 Mpx.

#10. Robust Metallic Body

The body of the device has been constructed by making use of aluminum metallic plate with single tap that helps you to keep safe even if it falls and it will not damage the back of the screen which has been covered by metallic body.