10 Best Features Of Google Nexus 6p

Google Nexus 6p
Photo credit : store.google.com

After a long expectation from the customer, Google has launched the Nexus 6P and unveiled it under the Huawei. The new handset comes up with a new set of unique features that make worth of money and time which you have spend on it.

#1. High Resolution Camera At Rear

The resolution of the rear camera is really high and it covers at the maximum pixel of 12.3 MP. The performance of the camera is really good and it has the capacity to change the mode automatically or user can change the mode whenever it is need.

#2. Storage Capacity Is Huge

Google has a great look on the storage usage and updated the modern version of high level usage service that helps you to store up to maximum usage of 128GB and previously they used to support only half of the current update.

#3. Price Range Is Affordable

As compare to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, the performance and features are huge and they are much worth. The price range varies at different part of the countries and they also offer up to $150 premium for the 128GB.

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#4. Long Time Battery Usage

All the features in nexus in previous version are well and good but there is some critic about the battery usage of Nexus. By taking into the consideration, the Huawei has planned and increase the power level of battery support up to 3300 mAh.

#5. USB Port portability

This is one of the trademarks set in smart phone that Nexus 6P is only phone device that feature the type-C port arrangement in OEM. Before this USB port support has been updated in the OnePlus 2 on first mainstream.

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#6. Android 6.0 Platform

From the beginning the every new version of nexus device is upgrading with updated version of Android and this has been also named as android marshmallow which is incorporated with new features which includes power saving optimization, content sharing to contact.

#7. Metallic Unique Body

The body work which has been integrated with single piece of aluminum metallic that has a aerospace grade which is commonly found in the high branded mobile phone.

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#8. Android Unlocking System

The modern usage of unlocking system has been updated that will be completely different which you have ever seen before that will surely attract the customer as well as the seller who make use of it.

#9. Finger Print Sensation

Previous you have already seen this feature in iphone 6S and Galaxy S6 that helps you to scan the finger print in the home front button but Google has equipped this in unique manner on rear end. This is one of the special features which have been populated in various smart phones and it become mandatory to make use of such options at regular session.

#10. Stereo Speaker At Front

Google is simply the great because in each and every feature they have implemented innovatively that incorporated with front facing stereo speaker on this new branded nexus 6P this will be continued in the next version too.