10 Best Features Of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Features

iPhone is the most popular smart phone in all over the world. Everyone from young to old wants to get an iPhone. Some of us wants to buy an iPhone for only status symbol, some really wants to buy it for its amazing top notch features. There are various iPhones models are available in the market. Different models of iPhones contains different features.

Below listed are the 10 best iPhone 6s features and iPhone 6s Plus hidden features.

#1. Live Photos : 

This is really a unique and most advanced feature only in in this smart-phone so far, This feature has got much popularity in all over the world. You can capture best LIVE photos with this iPhone 6s camera. By using this photos feature you can store many unforgettable LIVE photos memories.

#2. 3D Touch Sensitivity :

iPhone 6s introduces an entirely new way to interact with your phone. This feature works by sensing the pressure on the screen. This is good touch sensitive screen feature used in 6s.

#3. Motion Wallpapers : 

This is another coolest feature, Wallpapers designs are similar to the “Motion” watch faces that you can see on the Apple Watch.

#4. Quick Actions : 

To use “3D Touch“, put your finger with a little force on a compatible application like the Camera app. This will bring up the Quick Actions menu. Simply tap on the action you would like to launch. By using this you can quick switch to the front facing camera for a selfie.

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#5. Camera :

The all new iPhone 6s has a 12 MP (mega-pixel) camera. But sources tell’s that it is not yet sure that if its actually “12-mega-pixel native, or a 13-mega-pixel sensor”.

  #6. “Hey Siri” :

Voice assistant “Siri” loaded up with a latest feature, which is known as “always-on voice activation.” The “Hey Siri” feature will let you activated by just saying “Hey Siri,” there is no need to to hold down the Home button to wake up “Siri”

#7. 2GB of RAM :

RAM affects how much app data the device can keep in memory at once. Its frequently seen through the number multiple Safari tabs gets opens very fast without even reloading web pages because It has in built 2GB of RAM.

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#8. Aluminum and Ion-X Glass Screen : 

Apple chose two different display materials based on how each device is meant to be used. The iPhone 6s body is made from aluminum metal. The Ion-X glass covering the screen is also newer and stronger.

#9. 5-Megapixel Front-Facing FaceTime Camera :

There is also a new feature is found in iPhone 6s i.e. front facing camera. This iphone’s front-facing Face-time camera is jumping to 5-mega-pixel with the phone’s screen doubling as a selfie flash.

#10. Advanced LTE technology: 

This iPhone is equipped with LTE technology. This is most popular feature in this iPhone. LTE Advanced marketed as 4G or LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.