10 Best Home Security Tips


Burglary is a main issue in almost every country. According to a data, a burglar attempts to break in house every 15 minutes in US (source: FBI). That’s a pretty scary information. But we can decrease those numbers if we use some precautions in our houses. So this list shows you the 10 best home security tips to prevent disgusting thefts.

#1. Deter Them : There are 90% chances that a burglar won’t attempt to break in if he know someone is home. Well, its not possible there is always someone present in house, but you can trick them easily. Leave a light or music system on. That can Make them predict that someone is home.

#2. Secure The Entry Properly : A door could be the most easiest way to break in. Make sure to use a strong quality locks. Install  Key operated  two cylinder dead locks on doors. If you have sliding locks, make sure to apply the secondary locking devices.

#3. Windows Safety : If a burglar failed to break the door locks, he’ll surely head for windows. Believe it or not, this is the most favorite point of burglars to break in. Apply a security grill to the windows or you can install a window lock.

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#4. Surveillance System : Install a visible surveillance camera on the front exterior of house to deter the burglars and Install hidden cameras inside to record the footage, if he still breaks in by hiding his identity.

#5. Alarm Systems : This is the best gadget to use in houses to protect unauthorized entry. Install alarms on doors, windows, around your safe and on other places where you keep your important stuff. Alarms responds quickly and send messages to authority about the break in.

#6. Invest in “Safe” : If you type of person who keep lot of cash and at home, it is worth getting a safe. There are many companies making safe’s. Do some research to find the best one for you. For real there are almost impossible to break in a safe for an armature burglar

#7. Lock Replacements : If you bought yourself a new home make sure to replace all the locks. Previous owner probably still have spare keys and you shouldn’t believe anyone unless you know them personally. Also it’s a good habit to you replace your locks every 3 or 4 months.

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#8. Glass Breakage Detectors : Window glasses are easy to break and 9 out of 10 times no one will hear the breakage sound because its quick. But there is a solution for that, apply a glass breakage detectors on windows or doors. Detector will set alarm on breakage and call police for help.

#9. Precautions On Vacations : If you are going out on vacations, its good to inform to the police station. Ask them to have a regular check on your property. Some police stations also offers Free security for your home.

#10. Locksmiths : Ask the Locksmiths to checks your door locks if they are working properly or not. Make sure to only get a MLA licensed Locksmiths.