10 Best Motivational Books You Must Read


Reading is a good habit. It gains you knowledge in all forms. Anything and everything you get to read can lead you to understand things around you. There are lots of people who believe in motivational reading and they get a handful to read too. Here are some of them:

#1. The Alchemist :

It is a story of a shepherd boy going in search of treasure. He sets his goals and meets a lot of people related to his hunt. Finding out the treasure was his only goal to achieve and the way he was taken out through his journey is beautifully illustrated by the writer.

#2. Heal your life :

As the name says it would be a subject on motivational living. The author describes on how you can work on your thinking and take your life forward just on your own. There could be people around you but it is you who has the power to heal yourself.

#3. The magic of thinking big :

This book is an old book that is in the market for more than 60 decades and it tells you the benefits of thinking big in everything you are involved. Do things in a systematic manner and things will follow is what this book has to tell you.

#4. Think and grow rich :

This is a beautiful book which cannot be missed out in the list of motivational reading. If you want to get motivated and lift your lives to a different level of thinking then this book can be of great help for you.

#5. The secret :

This is another secret of living with healthy thinking. You will unveil all that is hidden from you to live life and achieve your dreams. Following a certain instructions can earn you your dreams.

#6. Atlas shrugged :

This is another amazing book that focus on the purpose of living. If you don’t have a purpose to do something then the success rate could be so low in completing it. So if you have a proper purpose of doing things then you automatically start winning your race.

#7. The richest man in Babylon :

This book is one of the business books that can help you lead a healthy business. if you are struggling and want to know the secrets of getting out of those struggles then you can have a copy of this book to be read. There are so many things that can turn to be an eye opener for you.

#8. Thinkertoys: A handbook of business creativity :

Creativity is something that can rule the world. In any field that you are in if you are able to use creativity as a weapon then nothing can stop you from growing high. Read this book that speaks more about business related creativity factors.

#9. The 4-hour work week :

This book is an eye opener to build your small business to a global market. This will tell you that you need not be thinking about the huge corporate crowd that is getting those global markets and it can also be you who can go ahead and conquer it.

#10. The Art of war:

If you have just started of your business or if you are in the early stage of business development then this should be a helpful source to help you build your business from the strategy planning and exploring new things.