10 Best Places To Visit in California


California is one of the finest places in western part of United States that covers at the border of the Mexican city nearly nine hundred miles via Pacific Ocean. You can find various picnic spot in California which integrates with red wood forest, Mojave Desert, Cliff-lined beaches, central valley and soon. Most of the Hollywood actor and actress are settled in that beautiful place. Let us discuss some of the best places to visit in California.

#1. Santa Barbara :

Santa Barbara

In this world, you can see only few cities with coastal areas covered inside the region and one of them is termed as “Santa Barbara” or it can also be called as “The American Rivera”. The climate in this location will be cool and calm and the population is much lesser as compare to normal cities.

#2. Kings Canyon National Park :

You can find some of the best national park in California which comes under the southern Nevada Mountains. This park is completely filled with Giant Sequoia trees.

#3. Universal Hollywood Studio :

You may have visited some of the studio in all part of the world but this one is something special and impressive. This is one of the oldest film studio which are been redesigned at regular interval. This is one of the famous franchises as compare to other studios.

#4. Sea World San Diego : 

Sea World San Diego

In California is having a sea world location which is termed to be the original one after that it has been populated and open various branches in different countries. In this place, various tourist people are visiting at regular interval without any seasonal limit and most of them would like to learn about ocean ecosystem and professional marine services.

#5. Catalina Island :

The total width of this island is nearly thirty five to forty kilometer across the Los Angeles Pacific Ocean. Most of the foreign visitors would like to visit this place at day time and this is the best place for honeymoon too. This island integrates with two harbor and Avalon. Most of the people from other country would like to stay in Avalon.

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#6. Lake Tahoe :

It is the bridge coverage between the California and Nevada and this is called as one of the best Fresh Water Lake in United States equal to the Great Lakes. The main attraction of this Lake is it is situated in pine covered mountains is spring. It comes under the alpine paradise because of it high altitude with snowmobilers.

#7. Napa Valley :

This valley is complete exploded with wine lovers which are called as premier destination of United States. In this place the pure wine has been extracted and this has been one of the best in all part of the world. This wine is too expensive in other part of the countries. Many people from United States are accommodated in this place for long period of time and they also service the tourist customers with charm welcome.

#8. Death Valley National Park :

The name itself says that it is one of the hottest places in United States that cover under the Sierra Nevada Mountain. In this place most of the geographical researcher would visit to perform their operation and they discover some innovative things.

#9. Los Angeles :

Most of the people have much knowledge about this city and this has been one of the greatest places where tourist would visit at regular basis. Must visit Los Angeles, whenever you plan for a California trip.

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#10. Yosemite National Park :

This park is located in the “central Sierra Nevada mountains”. This park is something different from other park in which you can go for trucking adventure.