10 Best Places To Visit In Los Angeles


Los Angeles is the second largest city in United Sates of America. The city is known for its beautiful landscape and picturesque locations. The city is surrounded by mountain from three sides. Being home to Hollywood is one of the major attractions of the city. The city has several beaches, wetlands and mountains that provide a diversified habitat to it. The climate experienced in the city is Subtropical Mediterranean. The 10 best places to visit in Los Angeles are mentioned below.

#1. Universal Studios :

Universal Studios is one of the famous studios active in Hollywood. They have a theme park and film studio located in their premises. People visiting the studio would be in awe of the technology and features being used there for film production. It is a paradise for film lovers and fans.

#2. Griffith Park :

Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America covering a huge area in the city. The park has several entertainment features within its surroundings. The observatory is a cultural icon of the city and has several interesting features. The Hollywood sign that has gained popularity through films and shows is a part of the Griffith Park.

#3. Hollywood walk of fame :


Los Angeles is home to one of the largest film production units. The Hollywood walk of fame would be a place to visit for film fanatics. It is a popular tourist destination and has several tourists flocking the area around the year.

#4. Disney land :

Disney land

Disney land would be the first stop for people visiting the place with family. Children would be excited and enchanted with the range of activities available within the theme park. Visitors would be able to enjoy the memories of yest-er years and participate in the present generation entertainment.

#5. Los Angeles Zoo :

The Los Angeles Zoo has two attractions combined into one. The zoo and aquarium gives tourists to explore the wild side of the city. Visitors can visit the places in a single day and thus making it an unforgettable experience for adults and kids.

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#6. Nightlife of LA :

The nightlife of Los Angeles can be experienced at the L.A Live. This is an entertainment complex offering variety of amusement for the tourists. There are live entertainment venues, theaters, museums etc in the compound.

#7. Hollywood bowl :

Hollywood bowl is a place for the music enthusiast. Internationally acclaimed artists perform several concerts and cultural activities at the bowl. People can visit the bowl museum before going to the concerts.

#8. La Brea Tar Pits :

The La Brea Tar Pits where asphalt pits during earlier times. The seepage in the pits has been occurring since several years. Animals and plants trapped in the tar would be preserved for long period. This has become a popular attraction for tourists visiting LA.

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#9. Dolby Theater :

The Dolby Theater is a live performance auditorium in LA. The auditorium has been hosting the academy awards since 2002. Several performances of renowned artists have taken place here.

#10. Rodeo Drive :

Rodeo Drive

Shopping would be in the to-do list of every visitor coming to LA.  The Rodeo Drive is the popular location to shop for in Los Angeles. Thought the stores sell high-end brands window-shopping can be done to satisfy ones desire.