10 Best Ways to Control Your Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure is also known as the Silent Killer, it’s also the major risk factor of Heart attack, Kidney diseases, Stroke. Another reason to say it’s dangerous because it does not give any Warning or show any kind of Symptoms. If you have a High Blood pressure there are some ways to get control over it with a easy ways :       

#1. Getting Regular Exercise:   People who do there regular exercise have 20% – 50% lower risk of blood pressure than that who don’t do so. The light activities like Morning and Evening Walk can make a big effort.

#2. Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Overweight can also be the reason of high blood pressure. Losing even a bit to your desired weight can take control over the high blood pressure.

#3. Low salt Intake: According to Research every single person takes 1,500mg of salt in there Daily diet. So cutting this to 1,200mg that is half of Teaspoon can contributes a lot.

#4. Reduce the Level of Stress: Stress can be a big reason to get high blood pressure .Listing to the classical music for 30 minutes can reduce the stress.

#5. Say Hello to SUN : Yes, do take vitamin D from direct sun; it helps to control low blood pressure. Try to sit around 15-20 min to gain Vitamin D from UV rays of sun that helps to expand blood vessels.

#6. Drink beet juice : It is said in studies in 2012 that with a single glass of beet juice, you can control and dip 5 points of your blood pressure in 6 hours. The crimson root vegetables are rich in nitrates and help smooth flow of blood in the body.

#7. Take heavy breakfast : Yes, this is true, try to take heavy breakfast in the morning and say no to ‘blood pressure’. Studies say that people who take around 700 calories in breakfast becomes more fit and had lower ‘blood pressure’ issues.

#8. Say hello to ‘Tea’ : Most of people say that they do not like taking more than once in a day, but this is wrong. Studies say that take ‘Tea’ at least 3 times in a day and it will surely helps you to control your blood pressure around 7 points in 6 weeks on average.

#9. Do eat Dark Chocolate : Intake of dark chocolate will surely help you to control high blood pressure. ‘Dark Chocolate’ is rich with flavanols which help to make blood vessels more elastic. Some studies say that those who eat dark chocolate every day, have lower risk from blood pressure.

#10. Breath Deeply : Last but not the lease, slow breathing and doing meditative everyday, such as qigong, yoga, and tai chi will lower stress hormones and ultimately reduces kidney enzyme that basically raises blood pressure. The best time to do is in the early morning and at night.