10 Best Ways To Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life


It hardly matter that you have an iPhone, Android phone, BalackBerry or a Windows phone, the most important thing is that how better your smartphone’s battery work. If you find your smartphone running out of full battery support even after full battery charge, then consider these tips to make it perfect.

#1.    Turn off radios

Make sure you close all the radios when they are not in sue. That includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. if you want to charge your phone faster make it on airplane mode.

#2.    Lower the screen brightness

Another important to increase the life of your smartphones battery is to lower the screen brightness. You can do it by going to settings of smart phone, and screen turn-off time should be 1min only.

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#3.    Extra battery

You can also carry extra battery back-up chargers available in the market, it can get connected to smart phone using USB. If needed, you can buy higher mAh charger to boost  battery back-up time.

#4.    Room temperature is best

Try to keep your mart phone on room temperature and do not put it on your car’s dash board. Studies have said that smart phones work better from 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

#5.    Software Updates

Make sure you always use latest software with complete up-gradation, because smart phone engineers always try to find new technologies to save battery life. Check software updates time to time using phone network or Wi-Fi connection.

#6.    Turn off Push Notifications

If possible, turn off push notification as it reduces the frequency of your device to receive new information which includes e-mails. If you are using Android phone then you check it on phone’s battery option in the Setting areas.

#7.    Use Wi-Fi instead Cellular

If possible, try to use Wi-Fi connection to use internet on your smart phone. It is said that Wi-Fi consumes less battery life over cellular network.

#8.    Apps Mater

Your smart phone will run away from the battery faster if you use it to watch videos or listening to music. Multitasking such as listening to music and surfing the Web can also lower the battery life. Try to use one task at a time.

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#9.    Lock your smartphone

Always lock your smart phone when not in use. You will be able to receive all the calls as well as texts when smart phone is locked, but it surely affects the battery life.

#10. Close the Apps

Last but not the least, make sure that app the apps are closed after using it. It if gets running in the background, then it will reduce the battery life. Press and hold the home button on your Android smart phone and close the open apps.