10 Clean Eating Tips – Stay Healthy

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Every person will show much interest to maintain his health. Maintaining the health is always the most important factor for everyone which will help them to live a healthy life. In order to keep your health in good condition please follow the below procedures :

#1. Don’t Omit Breakfast :

It’s mandatory to take breakfast as early as possible because HCL which are inside the stomach would work fast and make our body to get weak and also form as a ulcer.

#2. Drink Water At Regular Interval :

Even if you are not taking food at right time, then please make sure to take average amount of water at regular basis and you should not exceed the limit of more than five liter of water per day.

#3. Time Gap In Taking Alcohol :

Alcohol consists of empty calories which have no use in taking it rather it damages the kidney. So completely avoid drinking or give some time stamp such as weakly ones you can take it that should be within the limit.

#4. Take Fresh Juice :

Every day take some fresh juice with minimum of 100 ml and maximum of 500 ml. This will help you to keep the stomach calm and cool and also make to work with active and freshness in your face.

#5. Avoid Oil Foods :

Oil is good for health when you take it 0.5 ml in a day or if it increases then it may cause you to increase the cholesterol and damage the heart functionality. You can take some oily food once in a week or month will be much better.

#6. Take Small Meal Six Times In A Day :

Each and every person can take small level meals at regular interval which helps the stomach to digest easily as well as work frequently. This is one of the finest procedures the doctor would suggest for every patient.

#7. Half A Stomach Of Food :

In order to maintain your body and keep it healthy, please make sure that always each half a range of food and twenty five percentage of water and keep twenty five percent of empty space.

#8. Less Snacks Intake :

In this modern world, snacks are completely spoiling the health of every individual person from kids to old age people. Once they are practice to take the snack at regular basis then they get addicted to that and they the problem begins. Maximum avoid snacks and concentrate on taking fresh juices.

#9. Don’t Skip Meals For Weight Loss :

Always take foods at right time and don’t take any foolish decision in order to reduce the weight. Concentrate on the exercise rather than skipping food.

#10. Take Dry Fruits :

Dry fruits will always help you to increase the calories and also no doubt that it will help you to be stronger and active.