10 Countries Chinese Can Visit Without A Visa


A visa is an important one travel document for all the citizens who like to travel to several foreign countries. They are also known as entry visa or travel visa. In case if the person is not having the passport stamped with the visa then they are not allowed to enter into other countries. It will grant the permission for the person to enter into the destination. The immigration official is there for checking the documents and they will decide that the person can be allowed or not. But there are 10 countries Chinese can visit without a visa. Some of the people need not know about the importance of the visa. This is the main travel document and there are different types in it.  Some of the people like to visit the foreign countries, but without the visa they cannot visit that place. But there are some places in which the Chinese people can visit without using the visa.

Top ten places visited by Chinese without using the visa:

The Chinese people holding the passport can able to visit the top ten regions and foreign countries without visa. Before reaching one destination, it is important to have the entry and exit inspection by the Chinese nationals before leaving the country. If the user reaching the destination is not fit under the protocol of the government then the person will not allow visiting the place. In past days the China maintains the strict policy for controlling the people who are travelling abroad. Some of the Chinese people stay in the developed countries like the illegal immigrants. Totally  there are eighteen regions and countries Chinese can travel,  but the 10 countries Chinese can visit without a visa are :

#1. Aruba

#2. Andorra

#3. Cook Islands

#4. Benin

#5. Maldives

#6. Dominica

#7. Mauritius

#8. Nepal

#9. Micronesia

#10. Samoa

Description about the places visited without visa:

Aruba is one among the 10 countries Chinese can visit without a visa. Except the people from Afghanistan and Bengali people from all over the world can visit this country. The visitors are allowed to stay only 14 days in the country.  Andorra is the little country without having the international airport. So the visitor must get inside the country from France or Spain. In Benin the Chinese can stay for three months in the country using the valid passport. In Cool Islands Chinese people are allowed to stay for 31 days. They can visit the place Manila. In Dominica people can stay using their ticket used for round trip. For staying at Maldives Chinese citizen must give the application previously three days ago to the emigrant bureau. In Mauritius people can stay with the valid passport for 15 days. At Micronesia people can get their visa after they reach the place ad stay for 30 days. In Nepal people can get the visa after reaching the place and stay for 30 days. At last in Samoa people can stay for 60 days they can get their visa after they reach the place.