10 Countries Chinese Can Visit Without A Visa

great wall of china, 10 countries Chinese can visit without visa

For Chinese Citizens visa requirements are administrative entrance restrictions imposed on the china citizens by the establishment of additional states. The owners of Chinese passport granted visa on arrival and visa free for maximum 45 territories as well as countries. This ranks of the Chinese passport such as ninety in the globe.  Based on the announcement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People Republic of the China on January 20,215. Here some of the 10 countries Chinese can visit without a visa required to visit destination. The citizens of China had visa on arrival or visa free access to visit more fifty-two territories and countries. Earlier that 2014 February, Chinese immigration authorities not permit mainland citizens of Chinese to the board outbound flights without an authorized visa for the destinations country.  The destination country permit visa on arrival to passport holders of Chinese unless the egress approved by the Ministry of Public Security. Exceptions were probable if the explorer had a 3rd countries visa and association trip from the purpose country to the 3rd country.

#1. Antigua and Barbuda:  

For citizens of China, Antigua and Barbuda offers 30 days Non- visa visit or stay since 18, November 2014. Just try to explore attractive destination as well as use this opportunity. This is an excellent place for you to spend as well as stay along with your family members and beloved once.

#2. Bahamas

Bahamas country offers China citizens to stay on their country maximum 30 days with visa free facilities. In fact, this is one of the wonderful chances to visit attractions in Bahamas. Either you can spend with your family or business meeting this is the best place.

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#3. Benin:

For citizens of China, Benin country offers an attractive facilities such as they china citizen can visit without visa free services as well as can able to stay 90 days on working days. With aid of these services, you obtain three months so that you can visit entire country easily.

#4. Cuba:

China citizens can visit Cuba country without any visa and there is no restrictions to stay for only limited numbers of days.

#5. Dominica:

For citizens of China, Dominica offers attractive facilities such as visa free to services to visit their country and the restricted duration to stay on their country only 21 days.

#6. Fiji:

Fiji country provides China citizens to visit their country with free visa services and the limited duration to stay on their country such as 4 months only. In fact, it will be sufficient to visit the entire famous destination in their country.

#7. Grenada:

For citizens of China, Grenada offers amazing services such as they can stay 30 days without visa requirements.

#8. Haiti:

Haiti country offers, Citizens of China to stay on their country without free visa and they can stay only for restricted duration such as 3 months.

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#9. Indonesia:

For citizens of China, Indonesia country offers visa free service and restricted duration to stay on their country only 30 days. Therefore, 10 countries Chinese can visit without visa requirement services.

#10. Jamaica:

Jamaica country offers China Citizens to stay or visit on their country with free visa services and they can stay only for 1 month duration.