10 Countries Germans Can Visit Without a Visa

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A visa is an essential thing for travelers as well as host country. According to, International Trade Administration’s office of Travel & Tourism over 2.7 million citizens traveled internationally at January 2010. However, without aid of visa, many travelers would have never made it to visit their destinations. In fact, many nations not allow citizen to cross borders without authorization to enter. Visa is essential for people concerns like overpopulations, terrorism as well as economics. It is imperative for any nations to observe who enters in their country. A visa permits a central government to manage how many foreign visitors can enter, and how long they permit to stay and activities they permitted to participate like either for work or tourism. Here, 10 countries Germans can visit without visa requirements to visit their destinations and it is possible today without any risk.

Countries Germans can visit without visa :

Visa requirements for German citizens are organizational entrance by the authorities of any other states placed on citizens of Germany. German citizens had free-visa as well as arrival access to 173 countries and territories.

#1. Albania : Germans citizens can visit Albania country without visa requirements and the limited days offered for them to stay on Albania country 90 days. No need of visa requirements by ID card is necessary.

#2. Bahamas : Germans citizens can visit Bahamas, not need of visa requirements and the restricted time durations they can stay such as 8 months is valid.

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#3. Canada : German citizens can visit Canada and not need to visa, stay until 6 months and ETA is required if arriving by air from 15 March 2016.

#4. Denmark : The citizens of German can visit Denmark with aid of ID card and visa is not necessary to visit this country. There is no restricted durations, freedom of movement so that you can stay for many days.

#5. Estonia : The citizens of German can visit Estonia country by Valid ID card and hence, visa is not required as well as freedom of movement eligible.

#6. France : German citizens can visit France country by accessing Valid ID cards and no need of visa freedom of movement is available in regions of France.

#7. Greece : Citizens of German can able to visit Greece country without visa and only with aid of their Valid ID card possible for you to visit Greece in freedom of movement.

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#8. Honduras : German citizens can visit Honduras country, they can stay 3 months, and visa is not required. This one of the 10 countries Germans can visit without visa facilities.

#9. Indonesia : Citizens of German possible to visit Indonesia country and they can able to stay for maximum 30 days in this countries without visa requirements.

#10. Jamaica : The citizens of German can visit Jamaica Country and eligible to stay maximum ninety days and visa is not required.

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These are 10 countries Germans can visit without visa requirements and hence many more countries eligible for German citizens to visit.  In fact, with aid of these attractive facilities, it is possible or Germans citizens to visit their favorite as well as attractive destination without visa requirements.