10 Creative Examples of Plastic Bottle Boats


Could you imagine a plastic bottle boat ? Yes, it is true, today we are sharing some creative images of boats which are completely made from used plastic bottles. This is something called incredible innovation. Here is the list of 10 creative examples of plastic bottle boats :-

#1. It looks like Incredible temporary “watercraft” 🙂 , Wonderful example of recycling.

plasticvia facebook.com


#2. An creative example of using used plastic bottles.

2via facebook.com


#3. Creatively wrapped plastic bottles.

3via facebook.com


#4. Love this creation, It looks like “Dragon” head boat.

4via facebook.com


#5. Amazing creature. This is affordable and Eco-friendly.

5via facebook.com


#6. Here is another creative example, So here you can see, what can be done with your empty plastic bottles.

6via facebook.com


#7. Build your own “UFO” – User friendly outboard, bottle boat.

HPIM1467.JPGvia ufobottleboats.com


#8. Here is another perfect example of Eco friendly plastic bottles boat.

8via pinterest.com


#9. This is another beautifully crafted water bottle boat. This is Fiji’s First Recycled Plastic Bottle Boat, “Bottles Up”

9via inhabitat.com


#10. Beautiful example of green living.

10via rat-patrol.org

Assemble your recycled materials to build a raft like this 🙂 .