10 Facts About Human Body

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There are millions of facts about human body to learn about, we have made a random list of 10 Facts About Human Body mentioned below :

1)Human blood moves Sixty Thousand miles (60,000 miles) which is about (96 , 000 , 540 km) daily on its journey in the whole body. sneeze2) When you “sneeze, your heart stops beating and all other bodily functions stops too. Sounds strange? but its true.

3) You’re “Taller in the morning; during the day, the gristle within your bones is compressed, which makes you about “1 cm” shorter by end of the day.

tongue4) Exact like the fingerprints, Every person on the earth has a unique tongue print.

5) Just a single human “blood cell” takes only “60 seconds” to make a complete circuit of the body.

6) An adult has “206 bones” which are less bones as compare to a newly born baby. A newly born baby mostly have “300+ bones” , but during the growth our bones merge together.

7) According to surveys says that As adults we eat on average “500 kilograms” of food per year , and a human body develop around 1.7 liters of saliva daily to help us process this food.

8) On an average, men produce about “10 millions new sperm” daily. That’s enough to repopulate the entire planet in 6 just months.

9) “Every female ovaries” possess across (5,00,000) half a million eggs, in fact just about 400 out of them will ever get the chance to create life.

10) “The brain” does not feel any kind of pain, No matters if you have headache, body pain, pain in stomach or anywhere in the body, the brain doesn’t feel any pain itself even during sending the pain signals.