10 Facts About Newborn Babies


A newborn baby is one of life’s most perfect creative activities. New born babies look most beautiful due to their little hands and innocent face. Some Most of babies are bald, fat and speak only nonsense. Below mentioned are the 10 facts about newborn babies.

#1. Crawl :

The most newborn babies are crawl for mom’s breast feeding.it is necessary to feed the breast milk to newborn babies for their health. Breast feeding provides the personal relationship between mother and newborn baby. Sometimes the breast crawl indicates the development of hip and neck muscles of newborn babies.

#2. Vision :

The Eyesight of babies is very sensitive but they can see best at a distance of only 8-14 inches. Some newborn babies are not distinguishing colors. Newborns see mostly hazy shapes because they are shortsighted. You can keep your babies eyes healthy by giving your baby lots of attractive shapes to look at.

#3. Taste buds :

Taste is the best sense given to human by God. Baby is beginning to build taste buds after eight weeks after fertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoon. The umbilical cord helps to transfer the nutrients from mother to babies.  During Third trimester the baby in the womb produces many taste buds.

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#4. Hearing :

The hearing sense of newborn babies is pretty good too. Mostly the newborn baby listen their moms voice rapidly. The middle ear of the newborn baby’s is full of useful liquid that provide better sense of hearing to the infant. They jump when hear a new voice.

#5. Extra bones :

Newborn babies consist of more bones than adults. The adults have 206 bones but the bones in infants are around 300. This is because, when the infant grows its bones will join together from small separated bones. Newborn babies bones are constitute of a temporary elastic tissue, which forms into bones over time as the body matures.

#6. Four Babies Are Born Every Second :

Due to the latest medicines and industrial change there is a progressively increase in the population on earth. It is estimated that there are about 353,000 babies are born each day around the world.in other words you can say that the 4 Babies Are Born Every Second.it is also found that the death rate is decreasing.

 #7. Finger nails :

The finger nails of newborn babies are grows rapidly than adults. The main reason behind the growth of finger nails of newborn baby are due to newborn’s nails is soft and flexible. Avoid using scissors to cut your baby’s nails you can use special baby scissors to cut your babies nails.

#8. Heart beat :

To hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, Doppler ultrasound helps you to do this. The newborn has 100 to 120 beats per minute after six weeks. During 10 weeks the heartbeat of infant will increase to 160 to 180 beats per minute.

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#9. Olive branch :

It is interesting to know that, an olive stem would be swing from the forepart door of a house if a boy was born, and a strip of woolen cloth was swing if the child was a girl, In Ancient Rome. Eighteenth-century London houses swing pieces of ribbon on their knocker that denotes a pink ribbon for a girl and blue one for a boy

#10. Winter Babies :

It is interesting to know that the children born in the winter months suffered to be longer at birth than those born in the summer.it is also found that the winter kids are more likely to be heavy than those who born in summer.