10 Facts About Tsunami


Tsunami is a series of wave in a body of water generally caused by the earthquake or the the displacement of a large volume of water, generally in an ocean. These waves are not general or simple sometimes tsunami becomes highly dangerous because their wavelength is far longer and this destructive power can be dangerous for peoples who lives near ocean because is tsunami come in earth living arias which are near ocean then it can be become more and more destructive. Lets check the 10 facts about tsunami.

#1. Series of waves – tsunami isn’t a normal wave it is serious and dangerous waves this is why it became destructive for earth life for example on 2004 it ruined life near Indian ocean.

#2. High speed waves – tsunami waves are high speed waves this is why it can ruin all the things and life near ocean because its high speed. Wave speed can be goes up to  500 miles per hour of the tsunami that’s why we called it high speed wave.

#3. Wave Train – Some people called tsunami wave train because it has a destructive water power like a train it can ruin and destroy any thing that comes in a ways of tsunami.

#4. Earth Damage- A tsunami hits land with thousands of times the power of a regular wave world is witnessed that in 2004 tsunami entered in many countries and become more and more destructive for life and it becomes cause of 150,000 peoples death in 2004.

#5. Small Tsunami – Last century, as many as 26 small tsunami occurred that killed as many as 200 people but Not all tsunamis are huge and destructive. There are small tsunamis that occur time after time but are left unnoticed. The smallest tsunami recorded was a 9-inch wave at the capital of Port Vila which occurred after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in August 2010.


#6. Usually by the Earthquakes – Tsunami is usually caused by an earthquake but can also be caused by a  rapid changes in atmospheric pressure or a meteorite.

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#7. Long History – Greek historian Thucydides (460–395 B.C) the first to associate tsunamis with underwater earthquakes and old history has also signs of tsunamis  which damaged earth 1000 years ago but in that time some people called tsunami water god is angry and they worship with their religious believes.

#8. Tsunami’s Recent History – Recently recorded history of tsunami occurred in these places :

  • July 1958 at Alaska Panhandle,
  • Papua New Guinea tsunami 17 July 1998,
  • Indian Ocean tsunami, 26 December 2004,
  • Solomon Islands tsunami on 2 April 2007,
  • Samoa tsunami on 29 September 2009,
  • Chile tsunami on 27 Feb 2010
  • North-east coast of Japan on 11 March, 2011

these are the latest tsunamis occurred in this places and damaged earth life near ocean we also can see a brief search on the internet  of this places were tsunami damaged life.

#9. Warning and Predictions – A tsunami cannot be precisely predicted but computers can predict tsunami arrival via monitoring their behavior, usually within minutes of the arrival time but is a very short time we can’t move peoples to other places who lives near ocean.

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#10. How to Survive – The best way to survive a tsunami is to climb in higher areas. Swimming, running through the road, and driving a car pays very little chance of surviving. In Japan, the government has decided to build massive walls around its coastline to block future tsunamis and other scientists are also researching how can control tsunamis in some places Palm trees with strong trunks  are planted on shore as they are known to survive a tsunami.