10 Funny Things To Be Thankful For

Funny images, 10 funny things to be thankful for

When we look around there are so many funny things that keeps us happy and keeps us moving. These things we really need to be thankful for. God has kept these funny things around us to keep stress away from us. so let us see those funny things that we are really thankful for.

#1. Kids and pets :

Kids and pets are always funny and they leave us laughing for long from what they do. There are instances where pets try to follow kids and end up with something else. There are so many funny moments that they present us and it makes us really thankful to own them.

#2. Mobile phones :

Mobile phones give us lot of funny things in it. it could be a phone call that can make us laugh or it could even be an image of video that can be funny. Its a great pleasure handling it and a relaxation when we are over stressed.

#3. Television :

There are lots of series of program that can make us laugh throughout the day. They are so funny that we tend to forget people around us and we start laughing aloud. The programs that are arranged in the comedy mode are the most adorable program in the television to be thankful about.

#4. Comedy shows :

There are concerts that can make us laugh and certain comedians are gifted so much that they make us laugh like anything. They are so funny and we love to be a part of these shows on a regular basis. It makes us feel thankful for such talents that give us such happiness.

#5. Funny t-shirts :

T-shirts with funny write-ups can be a funny thing that we all would be thankful for. Those t-shirts are a real comfort wear and if they can make our friends to laugh then there is nothing more cool. They really are gift to be thankful about.

#6. Somebody remembering your habit :

When going out to your favorite place that you always go and they try to follow your habit of something that you normally have like ordering a dessert initially. Anything funny but still somebody doing that for you can be a great thing you must be thankful about.

#7. Shop keeper handling your pet :

There are shops those don’t allow pets and yet when there are situations that you need to carry your pets to the shop and you allow the shop keeper to handle your pet. Your pet enjoys being with the shop keeper. It is something really funny but you need to thank him for helping you to shop.

#8. Carrying kids to beauty parlour :

While going to a beauty parlour there are sometimes when you need to take your kids to the parlour and while you are getting made up the workers of the parlour would be handling your kid’s naughtiness and it could really become something funny and at the same time thankful for the timely help.

#9. Dress up parties :

Dress up parties is something really funny especially when the theme is a funny theme. Though it looks a little weird to be dressed up with something it actually looks funny and the kind of enjoyment that we all get with this kind of party are grateful.

#10. Fridge with favorites :

It is a little funny thing to have the fridge only filled with something that tops your favorite list. Imagine having strawberry shake dumped inside the fridge all time that you love the most. Isn’t it funny still you will be thankful if there is an opportunity?