10 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive Oil

The word oil brings in a little fear inside us as there is a thought where all oils are against our health but there is good news that not all oils are dangerous for your health. There are exceptions that can bring some benefits too. Olive oil is such an exception and let us see what are the benefits that we get out of olive oil.

#1. A protector from type 2 diabetes :

  • If you are at the border line or prone to type 2 diabetes then you should add olive oil to your diet.
  • Adding 2 spoons of olive oil in your daily diet routine can turn your chances of getting diabetic.
  • Scientific researchers have been conducted to prove that it has 50% more chances of staying away from type 2 diabetes.

#2. Protects from cancer :

  • The antioxidant present in the oil is best for neutralising those harmful radicals from your body which will in turn protect you from cancer creating antibodies.
  • Oleic acid which is rich in olive oil is best for keeping you away from tumours.

#3. Stress reliever :

  • Adding olive oil to your regular diet routine helps in reducing stress and stress related side effects.
  • Oxidative stress can be handled by olive oil as the monounsaturated fat is not oxidized readily.
  • It can protect your body from oxidative stress because of the monounsaturated fat that is highly present in it.

#4. Reduce sugar craving and help in weight loss :

Obesity is a common thing among people of all ages and people tend to avoid all kinds of oils but olive oil tends to reduce your sugar craving and also keeps you full for a longer period of time helping you to keep away from calories.

#5. Good for your heart :

  • It has the capacity to reduce blood cholesterol and thus keeps your heart healthy.
  • There are proven studies which state that consuming olive oil in a regular basis can reduce your blood pressure levels which are a good sign for your heart health.
  • Antioxidants also prove to be good for your heart. The presence of good amount of antioxidants in it maintains the health of your heart.

#6. Anti depressant :

  • It is a great medicine for depression. If you are going through depression then it can turn out to be an anti-depressant.
  • It improves brain function and also gives more amount of concentration and brightens your mind.
  • It is one of the foods that can boost your memory and brain power.
  • Perfect for old aged people and people for all ages.

#7. Home remedy for constipation :

  • If you are suffering from constipation then olive oil can be a great reliever for you.
  • It is considered to be of the best home remedy for constipation.
  • It can handle all your gastric issues that can affect your intestines by strengthening your digestive system all together.

#8. Controls cholesterol levels :

  • Cholesterol levels can be under control if you start using olive oil in your daily diet.
  • The good cholesterol that can beat your bad cholesterol is the secret behind the task.
  • HDL and LDL get levelled up with the usage of olive oil.

#9. Great for your bones :

Osteocalcin protein is present on a higher level in olive oil and this is the reason why your bones stay upright with the usage of olive oil. It protects your bone and strengthens it to stay strong and healthy.