10 Heart Attack Symptoms You Should not Ignore


Every heart problem that happens in human lives does not come with an alarm. Like you see in movies people have a chest clutch with the body falling towards the ground, nothing happens like this in real. There are some symptoms of heart that do not happen in chest and this is why it is hard to detect. Some important symptoms of heart attack are mentioned below :

#1. Chest Discomfort This is said to be the most common symptom of heart attacks. If people are having a blocked artery or are having a heart attack then a heart clutch or pain starts or many a times there is a pressure in the chest which blocks the arteries. Everyone detects these in their own ways like some say that an elephant is sitting on their chest while some say it is burning or pinching.

#2. Nausea along with indigestion and heart burn : These are also some of the common symptoms of heart attack. People sometimes even vomit when they have such attacks. These symptoms are more likely to happen in women than men.

#3. Pain getting spread to the arm : Another alarm or symptom that shows the heart attack comes from the left hand side of the body. Doctors even say that they have seen some cases where just a pain in arm resulted in heart attacks.

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#4. Dizzy feeling and light headed : Before having a heart attack many people start feeling dizziness or cannot see clearly what is in front of them and even cannot able to walk at that moment. This kind of discomfort should always be handled by the doctors.

#5. Throat and jaw pain : Many people who have heart attacks in their lives but have survived have said that before they got the attack they had a severe throat and jaw pain which makes these some important symptoms of heart attack.

#6. Exhaustion : Patients of heart problems have this issue in common that they get exhausted very quickly and are unable to do any work. Before heart attack this is one of the symptoms which is seen in most patients by doctors and physicians.

#7. Snoring loudly : Snoring is generally not a symptom of heart attacks because it happens to many people. But people who have a habit of snoring loudly at night may sometime put extra pressure on their heart because at loud snoring habits sometimes breathing gets stopped.

#8. Sweating : Sweating even is not a bad habit and is not really a symptom of heart attack but excess of sweating is always dangerous and makes it a symptom of heart attack.

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#9. Non quitting cough : Many people avoid when they have cough problems but it is dangerous for heart. Excess cough or non quitting cough restricts breathing and that puts a pressure on the heart every time which can result into a heart attack.  

#10. Irregular heartbeats : Many people have the habit of getting excited quite often which increases and decreases their heart beat continuously and this is dangerous for heart and can cause heart attack.