10 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge


finalThe best Android smartphones till date of Samsung are Samsung galaxy s6 and Samsung edge s6. Both are the most famous in all over the world due to its best features. Both consists of best operating system, processor, camera and much more things that makes these smartphones unique among the other smartphones available in the market. There are many tips and tricks related to these smartphones. Below mentioned are the 10 helpful tips and tricks for Samsung galaxy s6 /s6 edge.

#1. Edge features : Samsung smartphones consists of various edge centered features. These features are provided at right side of your cellphone screen by default. You can change the side of this features just by navigate settings. Go to settings >> scroll down to screen >> then select Edge screen option and choose your edge side to change settings.

#2. Launch Information Stream : This is very useful trick for Samsung smartphones. You can set up information stream in your smartphone easily by doing simple steps. When the screen of your cellphone is turned off then this trick helps you by giving little choice morsel of information that you can access by swiping crosswise the edge of the display.

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#3. Enable grayscale : The One of the best feature in Samsung s6 smartphone is grayscale mode. You can change the grey style mode to on r off according to your choice. You can also set it for a magnifier window by just navigate to simple steps. Without going into Super Power Saving mode, you can also empower the grey style mode.

#4. Auto-response : It is the simplest trick of Samsung s6 smartphone.it helps you by giving auto responses to your incoming calls. You can merely place a finger above the heart-rate monitor to decline the call and send a pre-defined message automatically. The pre-defined message is reach to the calling person immediately.

#5. Maintain your battery : The Samsung galaxy s6 helps in maintaining your battery by providing best internal features. Its 2550 mAh battery is bit faster than other phones. The battery of this smartphone is made by latest technology.it is very useful for those peoples who are working outside for long hours. This smartphone also provides light weight and compact battery.

#6. Add Storage : Galaxy s6 does not contain SD card slot. Sometimes you want more memory to store your larger files or pics.it is very difficult to store these files and folders. You need some extra memory to store these larger files. But you can add extra memory my simple steps in your galaxy s6. You can attach any USB drive into this smartphone. You can also use micro SD card and USB SD card reader to add extra storage in Samsung galaxy S6.

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#7. Set Up Fingerprints : Galaxy S6 Edge consists of fingerprint sensor into your home screen that is the most helpful feature of this smartphone. It has improved from last year fingerprint option. You can use this feature very simply or by small swiping. If you want to add fingerprints into your smartphone just Go to >> settings then tap Lock screen and security option then >> tap Fingerprints option.

#8. Quick Camera Launch : Samsung galaxy offers beautiful camera with many useful internal features.it provides Quick Launch option which is turned on by default. Just double press the home screen to launch quick camera. Its camera takes photos or video in 0.7 of a second. You can change this option according to your need. If you want of this option then go to settings and tap Quick launch camera off.

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#9. Private Mode : To keep your content from snoopy eyes, Samsung galaxy offers a feature called private mode. Everyone has some secret files or folders like pics, passwords etc.to hide these important files or folders it is necessary to use private mode. This trick helps you keep your files locked into the closet where they belong.

#10. Other fun stuff : Samsung galaxy s6 provides various coolest apps in their Samsung App Store. You can choose any of them .The main coolest app of this smartphone is All together. It is great for something like a tenting trip where data might be small but you even want to be connected to those nearby.