10 Home Remedies for Dust Allergies


Allergies are common in our lives and some are prone easily to allergies. Dust particles can create allergy easily in our body and are the most common kind of allergies in our midst. Some have immunity against dust but some get disturbed immediately. Here are certain remedies that will help you with allergies.

#1. Saline solutions can be used :

The dust particles just get on to our nostrils and this creates allergy reactions. To get rid of such allergies washing away the dust particles in the nostrils can help. Use saline solutions to wash away the dust particles in your nose.

#2. Steaming can help :

If you can inhale steam then the irritants that are present in your nostrils can easily get cleared and can soothe your nose. There are steaming machines available which can give a steam out of it and just inhale those steams through your nose.

#3. Hot shower can ease the effects :

Taking a hot shower can be an easing act on your allergy. It will clear off your nose and soothe the lining of your nose those are irritant. It is basically a process of washing and steaming together that happens while taking a hot shower.

#4. Peppermint tea – a cold remedy :

It is always considered to take tea while you have a cold attack as it soothes the inner parts that are affected with cold. Likewise the same effects can soothe the inner parts those are affected with allergy out of dust particles too. Something hot can relax you.

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#5. Prevention is better than cure :

Before getting on to the cure from dust allergies, it is a great idea to keep you away from dust particles especially when you are easily prone to dust allergies. Keep your windows closed to avoid those polluted air get inside. Avoid any kind of smokes that can irritate your nostrils. It could include tobacco smoke or any other polluted smokes.

#6. Apple cider vinegar :

It is an age old remedy for allergies. Not only for allergies it is considered to be used as remedy for various other health conditions relatively. It is advised to have it mixed up with a glass of water and to be consumed thrice a day. It can be a great soother for your allergy.

#7. Honey :

Honey is a natural reliever from symptoms related to cold or allergy. Usage of honey regularly in your diet can also be a great preventer from all these kinds of allergy problems especially local honey. Though there are no scientific researches done to prove the fact but there are lot of people who have tried and got benefited out of it.

#8. Hardwood flooring at home :

Using hardwood flooring will be helpful in reducing the in-house allergens. Apart from giving a classy look to your home, it can also prevent you from allergies.

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#9. Keep your surroundings dry and clean :

Moist texture in the surroundings can invite allergens and to have a dry atmosphere is always best to keep those allergens away from you.

#10. Wasabi :

This is a promoter of mucus flow and using this when you have an allergy attack can relieve you from the condition. You can consume this with any of the food items like green peas or sushi. They are a tasty way to treat you appetite as well as the allergy.