10 Home Remedies For Sunburn


image source sunburnSunburn is the harmful summer frustrating burns and coercing people to gloss over. It occurs due to ultra-violet rays of the sun. If your skin is exposed regularly towards the sun the UV rays produce dark color material in the top layer of your skin. This is the most irritating effect of skin. There are many remedies to relief from sunburn. Below mentioned are the 10 home remedies for sunburn.

#1. Apply Potato paste :

It is the best way to treat the sunburn with potato paste. If you are scorch with hot red skin just use few potatoes. Potatoes are very popular pain reliever from past the years.it helps in reduce inflammation. Take two to three potatoes. Mix them in same quantity of water to make paste after this apply this paste on affected area for better results in sunburn.

#2. Green tea :

You can use green tea for the treatment of sun burn. Green tea acts as an herbal home remedy for the treatment of sunburn. You will feel cool by using this home remedy. Green tea consists of various ingredients that help defend the skin from ultraviolet radiation impairment. you can use this by soaking the clean cloth in the tea and apply to the affected areas of sunburn.

#3. Oatmeal :

Oatmeal consists of many anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these properties it helps in relief from the sunburn. You can also use this by mixed with bath water. Make your own by powdered a cup of rapid or slow-cooking oatmeal in a liquidizer till it has a fine-textured, fine substance.

#4. Vinegar :

It is the oldest home remedies for many diseases. Peoples have been used vinegar for sunburn since past years due to its medicinal properties.it also provides cool effect instantly to sunburn. Uncontaminated and unfiltered apple cider vinegar appear to work the best, and often times exponent of this method say is most efficacious after a cool  shower.

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#5. Vitamin E :

Vitamin-E is found in various forms and helps in skin burn. The cream of vitamin-E is also available in medical stores. You can also consume vitamin E oil to reduce redness and skin damage. It works by providing electrons to free radicals and preserve your healthy molecules from becoming depleted.

#6. Cucumber :

Cucumber is used as a best home remedy for the natural treatment of sunburn. Cucumber provides cooling effect and helps reduce itching and inflammation. Cucumber acts as antioxidants and helps improve sclera protein and elastin that protect skin cells from the damaging effects of the sun.

#7. Aloe Vera :

Aloe Vera is the best herbal remedy for sunburn. Due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it instantly provides relief from the sunburn. Aloe Vera also consists of many vitamins and minerals that help in curing various diseases. It also causes blood vessels to contract. You can apply aloe Vera five to six times daily.

#8. Baking Soda :

Baking soda creates an alkalify area that is comfy to the skin.it consists of antiseptic properties that help with the sunburn and work as an exfoliator. You can also use baking soda with water for better results in sunburn. After mixing the baking soda and water use cotton balls to apply the mixture to the infected area.

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#9. Milk :

Milk is one of the fastest, uncomplicated and low-cost modes to treat sunburn.it offers a layer of protein on the skin to protect and heal also soothe discomfort. Take a bowl of milk and a clean cloth. Then soak this cloth in milk and apply it to the affected area.

#10. Coconut Oil :

Coconut is the best home remedy to relief from sunburn. Coconut oil works as a wonderful moisturizer to reduce the itching effect of skin. You can also use lavender oil by mixing with the coconut oil for better results in sunburn. Coconut oil acts as an eliminator for soothing sunburn.