10 Interesting Facts About Apple Inc.


Apple is one of the most successful company in technical industry. The first owner Steve Jobs was Such a disciplined person probably that’s how this company made this big . Below are the 10 facts about largest family of workers named The Apple inc.

#1.    Can you expect the cash in US treasury? Yeah, a lot. But what if I say Apple has twice as much operating cash than the US treasury. Believe it or not that’s true.

#2.    Apple’s first logo featured Newton’s  picture with an apple just about to fall. But it was changed because of too much detail.

#3.    Do you smoke near your Mac, well if yes you better stop doing that because Apple will not repair your computers if they found tar residue in it.

#4.    Samsung manufactured the apple iPad’s display.

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#5.    China is better than anyone in copying. Example for that was fake Apple stores. They were so realistic even the real employes were convinced.

#6.    iPod creator first introduced its idea to Philips and Real networks but they dropped it out.

#7.    Battery of Apple Macbook is bulletproof. Don’t know why they made it bulletproof, but it could help you in some real bad situations.

maccvia apple.com

#8.    A carpenters team is always available in Apple to build walls around the desks when a employees start working on a new idea.

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#9.    The first image shown on Mac was of beloved Disney character Scroog McDuck.

#10.    Beware of what you say to siri, because the data is send to apple, analyzed and stored.