10 Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa


At 828 meters, the 200- mezzanine floor Burj Khalifa has over 160 livable stories, the most of any building in the world. Construction of the tower began in 2004 at the height of Dubai’s boom, but in the last month building has ground to halt across the emirate as funds dry up. Below listed are 10 interesting facts about the Burj Khalifa.

  • World Records

Burj khalifa is most beautiful place in the Arab emirates that wins many of world records. The most important records are tallest man-made structure in the world, highest outdoor observation deck in the world etc.

  • Construction

The Burj Dubai Tower employs the latest furtherance in construction techniques and material technology. The walls are formed using Doka’s automatic self-climbing formwork system. The circular nose columns are formed with circular steel forms, and the floor slabs are poured on MevaDec panel formwork.

  • Tip of the sphere

Burj Khalifa was truly an international coaction between more than 30 on-site contracting companies from nations around the world. The tip of the sphere of the Burj Khalifa can be seen up to 95 kilometers away.

  • Elevators

The international edifice provider states though the engineers working on the design of Burj Khalifa first thought about installing triple-decker elevators. Burj Khalifa is home to 57 elevators and eight escalators with the building fireman’s elevator having a capacity of 5,500 kilograms and is the world’s tallest service elevator.

  • Dubai Fountain

It is the Dubai’s most popular musical fountain. It has been designed by California-based wet, the creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. You can easily view this fountain by standing on burj khalifa.

  • Gallons of water

Condensate is collected from the building’s cooling system and used for irrigation of landscape plantings. Every year, 15 million gallons of water are sustainably collected this way. The cladding of Burj Khalifa contains over 24,000 individually cut glass panels.

  • Workers who built it

It probably comes as no surprise that workers received extremely low pay in return for risking their lives to build the $1.5 billion USD tower. Around 10,000-12,000 workers, mostly poor migrants from South Asia, built the Burj.

  • Gross Floor Area

The Gross Floor Area in Shanghai Tower is 540,000 square meters, while Burj Khalifa has about 500,000 square meters. The inward spiral shape is made from the setbacks of the balconies, so there is no reduction is quality of space, just less space on each zone.

  • Burj Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is the eventual symbol of Dubai’s growth and ambition. It’s a towering icon rising 2,722 feet that dominates the city skyline. The skyscraper, which officially opened on January 4, 2010, raises above it all Soaring 160 stories.

  • Hymenocallis flower

The main construction of the building is based on “organic inspiration”, taken from the Hymenocallis flower. Like petals from a stem, the tower’s wings extend from its central core. No stranger to Middle Eastern design, architect Adrian Smith merged patterns from traditional Islamic architecture.