10 Interesting Facts About Leonardo Dicaprio


Film industry all over the world has given us a number of artists who always try to make their fans and followers happy by different works of them in films. Today will are discussing about the A-list actor Leonardo Dicaprio. He has worked in some of the best films of all times like Titanic, Wolf on the Street, Inception and many more. His work and his films are appreciated all over the world and this is one of those reasons why he is loved by people from all over the world. Till now he has own 5 Oscar awards in his life of acting and has done many works for the humanity. Today we are here to speak about ten interesting facts which you do not know about Leonardo Dicaprio and these facts will amaze you and will make you fall in love with this superstar more.

#1. Robert De Niro has picked up Dicaprio from hundreds of boys for the part which he played in This Boy’s Life. This is one interesting fact about this superstar that besides having such a career in the film industry this person was from a normal family in the beginning.

#2. He is the only actor in the film industry of all over the world who has made an appearance in United Nations climate change summit in September 2014.

#3. His work and passion towards the climate change is so great that today his website is made up with eighty percent things which are related to climate change and their reasons and how solutions can be achieved and twenty percent of the website is about the movies or works which he has done in film industry.

#4. Unlike other bad actors in film industry of the world, Leonardo Dicaprio has never taken drugs and for preparing for wolf of the street he had to speak to a drug expert.

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#5. He was named by his mother Leonardo because when his mother was pregnant and he was in her womb, she visited museum where she was staring at Leonardo da Vinci photograph when he kicked for the first time.

#6. He speaks German language much better than German person because his mother was a German which is the added advantage of him.

#7. His films are always appreciated but there is interesting fact about his Titanic film. Around seven percent of teenage girls present in United States of America have watched this film twice in cinema halls in the first week of its release. He has always got an edge on teenage girls more than any actor.

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#8. Today most films are coming which are sequels of past films. But he is yet the highest grossing superstar who has never ever acted in a sequel film yet.

#9. At the age of 25 or below, Grace Catalano one of the writers has written not one but two books about Dicaprio.

#10. His first role ever in film industry was in Critters 3 and not in the movie This Boy’s Life as many people do not know about it and, say he first acted in the later film.