10 Interesting Facts About Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born and brought up in the city of Ranchi. Dhoni begins his first class career in the year 1999-2000. His one day international debut came after playing five years of first class cricket on the 23rd of December 2004 against Bangladesh. Below listed are 10 interesting facts about Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

  • His Interest during childhood

Dhoni was never curious in cricket when he was a child but he was someone who stands out in badminton and football, in which he played as a goalkeeper. Cricket was a game that he used to play once in a while in his backyard but badminton and football were the games in which he correspond his school as well as his district.

  • Captain Cool

Dhoni is popularly known as the cool captain because he is calm and unruffled a sportsman on the field as he is self-effacing off it. He is the keeper of cool both on and off the field by the sheer force of his personality.

  • Tax payer

It is interesting to know that Dhoni paid Rs 20 crore income tax in 2013-14 to contain his pole position as the highest individual tax payer in the Bihar and Jharkhand region. He drop may be due to reduction in the Team India captain’s income from various sources.

  • Second highest endorser

MS Dhoni has signed a three-year endorsement deal worth approximately Rs 2.1 billion with sports marketing agency. This is because he is at the second high position of brand endorser.

  • Interest of bikes

Dhoni is an immense fan of motorcycles and SUVs and he has over 23 bikes in his collection currently ranging from Harley Davidson to Ducati. His most recent attainment is Confederate X132 Hellcat bike, an exotic muscle bike which is possesses only by him in the whole South East Asia.

  • Love marriage

Mahendra Singh Dhoni wed his childhood friend Sakshi Rawat. Sakshi and Dhoni also studied together in same DAV school in Ranchi. Dhoni and Sakshi’s love story can be termed as childhood love story which got second chance at young age.

  • Army Honor

Winning the 2011 World Cup was not proudest moment of MS Dhoni’s life. It was when he recognized the rank of honorary lieutenant colonel in the Parachute Regiment. MS Dhoni had written to the Army authorities to undertake the training and will do five parachute jumps once he finishes his course.

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  • Total Earnings

Dhoni is a much loved celebrity in India as well as a cricketer. The money he is paid for endorsing United Breweries is thought to be the highest annual payout ever received by an Indian athlete. He is the most earned Indian cricketer. His Total Earnings is $31.5 million.

  • Train Ticket Examiner

Dhoni was once a ticket collector at the Kharagpur railway station. He works at this post for at least two years .Dhoni not only cleared the TTE exam but also became an integral part of the SER cricket team.

  • Helicopter Shot

Dhoni plays very popular helicopter shot that is most difficult shot. But if Dhoni’s bottom-hand grip, amazing wrists and brute power comes in! He is able to produce tremendous bat-speed with minimum bat lift.