10 Interesting Facts To Know About Johnny Depp


There are few things that can give a jerk to your thoughts about Johnny Depp. If you are interested in knowing these interesting facts about him then you must read on about the guy who has ruling the silver screen for more than 3 decades.

#1. He and his family :

He is a native of Owensboro from Kentucky, US. He was born in the year 1963 though he doesn’t seem to be so old.  Betty sue palmer was his mother who was a waitress and John Christopher Depp was his father who was a civil engineer.

#2. His career moves :

Nicolas cage was the first man to introduce Depp to the acting job. Most actors forget their past but Depp seemingly remembers his first lift up to his acting job till date. It is quite an amazing and humble self he has in this matter.

#3. He was a grateful friend :

He was a thankful friend to cage and remembered what cage had done for him being a part of his career. He paid off all the debt for Cage when he was in a deep trouble financially.

#4. Great actor for decades now :

Depp has a history of being in the acting field for more than 3 decades which seems amazingly well but he has never been in the list of Oscar winning sequences though he had very tough roles to carry through in his career.

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#5. Had been nominated for Osca r:

Though he couldn’t make it to receive the Oscar award, he was nominated for the same for about three times in his career. This shows his level of talent that he had in his career. His most successful movie was one among the nomination.

#6. Credit of highest paid :

Among other actors he had the credit of highest paid and also wrote his name in the Guinness book for the same reason. It was a total of $75 million in the year 2011 which was the highest at that time. This gave him the pride of being the most wanted actor too in his field.

#7. His most successful movie :

johnny depp2

There had been so many moves that came in successful and was loved by the viewers. As you all know that the movies are rated by the money it earns and the most successful were the pirates of Caribbean and Alice in wonderland. These movies had earned around $3 billion+ respectively.

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#8. Awarded Golden Globe:

It was a proud moment for him when he had won the golden globe for the movie Sweeny Todd. This award was presented to him in the year 2008. This adds on as a golden feather to his crown along with other various awards that he had achieved.

#9. His marital life:

This part of his life is quite interesting. He was engaged five times but he only had one marriage in his life time. He married Jennifer Grey who was the only person who was called to be his wife. In a span of 2 years they got divorced and Depp continued to get engaged yet didn’t marry any.

#10. Loved to tattoo all over:

johnny depp tattoos

You will see dozens of tattoos all around him. There was one specialty for all those tattoos on his body. There was something behind each of the tattoos that was imprinted on him. Every tattoo had a different story to tell. He called his body to be a journal as it revealed many of the facts related to him.