10 Interesting Things You Can Do On Facebook

Interesting Things You Can Do On Facebook

Facebook is one of the first and best social networks that integrate billions of people from all part of the world in a single server. There are various advantages are there by making use of facebook and let us discuss some of the interesting points.

#1. Group Album Sharing And Editing

Group album is one of the finest features of Facebook that helps to add group of gallery at a time and it has one more benefit through which all the friend in the group can edit and upload their images from their end. For that they need to follow these steps:

  1. Common creation of group album.
  2. After that, open the album then you can view the option called “Make Shared Album” at the top left corner.
  3. Enter the friend name for which you would like to share the album.

#2. Looping Onto Own Profile Page

Facebook is something that would like to share to all and get the comment from them. Post a facebook profile link to your friend that would take him to his own profile page.

#3. Inter Link Skype App

The modern technology is making too simple in getting in touch with closer one wherever he or she may be. Once you download the Skype software in the desktop or mobile then it is simple to share it with facebook and make use of it.

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#4. Formation As per Desire

Using interest list feature you can arrange the structure of the facebook format that you use in your profile and organize the content as per your need.

  1. In Left side of the facebook page, you can view the option called “Interest List”.
  2. In that you can choose any of the option and arrange it as per the requirement.

#5. Editing Photo Options

Facebook is one of the biggest network where thousands of photos and gallery is updated at a time. But one more feature is available in order to edit the images within your profile by installing the software called LunaPic.

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#6. Tracking Nearby Friends

There are some fun options are available in the facebook through which you can find the friends who are nearby by making use of neighborhood tracking option by clicking on “Activate” in Nearby Friend tab.

#7. Upload Animated GIF File

Normally facebook doesn’t allow to post the GIF file in the photo uploads and there is an option to make it possible by making use of the service called as “Giphy”. Once you choose the image then edit it and then share it through facebook.

#8. Cool Symbol In Status Update

If you want to update any status information in the facebook, you can only use some of the text and number but in order to update the thousands of symbol you need to add the facebooksymbols.com.

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#9. Blocking App Through Post

There are various options are available in order to block the specific post in different social networks but through facebook you have only one option which is highly secure.

#10. Share Updated Petitions

Facebook is more than a network rather it is something close to the heart and emotions through which you can plan the daily updates that can be created by making use of the petition services from YouSign.Org.