10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do


Everyone knows that Google is one of those search engines which has everything in it. But the range of thinking of people living in this world is too small than the things that are present in Google. This is the reason why today I am here with this article to let you know about 10 interesting things which you can do with Google.

#1. Tip Calculator : 

tip calculator, google tips and tracks

One interesting thing which it has is the tip calculator through which people can calculate the tip which they should give for the bill which they have made in different public places like restaurants and pubs. You just need to search “tip calculator” in google search bar.

#2. The Build with Chrome : Second interesting thing which it has is the build with chrome through which people can build anything they want. This helps architectures to build their projects too. Now this is what we call a simpler way to start your projects and also to play.

#3. Search by Voice : search by voice, google voice searchIt is the third most interesting thing which is present in Google as people now can search anything they want in Google just by saying anything and by clicking on “search by voice icon”  OK option that is present in Google.

#4. Google Short Cuts : Many people do not about the short cuts that are present in Google which are said to be the fourth most interesting thing in Google. Here is an example of google short cut, just type “convert meter to feet” in google search bar.

google shortcutsThrough their keyboards people can put as many as short cuts they want and can save their time from getting wasted.

#5. Timer :

google timerWhich represents the fifth interesting thing in Google. With smart hand held devices coming in market Google has also introduced the timer or stop watch in it to help people maintain punctuality.

#6. Google Flights Booking Search :

google flights search

Have a flight booking then you can use Google in order to book or search your flight status and can start your journey from your home by completing the works which you need to do before leaving.

#7. Explore mars is also one of the top ten interesting things present in Google. This website helps people to explore the different things present on planet mars like mountains, craters, dunes etc.

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#8. Wedding is one of the most auspicious days comes in lives of people. This is the reason why Google has tried to provide people with the best services with which people can plan their wedding with much prosperity and happiness. With this service of Google people can find the best of places present on earth where they can plan their weddings, can announce it through Google to their near and dear ones living in different parts of the world and can also make their wedding websites.

#9. Google Maps :

google mapsThis is the ninth interesting things present in Google. Through the services of Google maps people can see different parts of the world in real time. People can easily see different parts of the world just by sitting in front of their computers and without going anywhere.

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#10. People can use google for spelling out big numbers which people have problem to spell easily and people can learn how to spell big numbers easily.