10 Most Extreme Body Piercing

body piercing

Body piercing, If we can call it body modifications, that will be the exact word of it. Body piercing is kind of a “puncture” made in the body using a sharp needle. It is also an old age tradition because people in past centuries were used to pierced their bodies as well. Its a painful job, people used to pierced their bodiesĀ  just for a fun and to look unique from others.

I have collected some random pictures of 10 most extreme body piercing from web, lets have a look :-

#1. Man from Hawaii has biggest ear gauges in the world, he holds the Guinness world record for this.

1source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#2. Most Extreme cheeks modification :

2source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#3. Most Extreme Head and Nose Piercing

4source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#4. This body art is called “Sub-dermal Implant”.

3source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#5. Insane piercing on the back.

5source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#6. Extreme facial piercing.

6source : warmphotos.net


#7. This is something insanely risky.

7source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#8. What? Yes, this guy had his nipples removed through surgery.


source : body-mod.viralnova.com


#9. Piercing on neck.

9source : warmphotos.net



10source : warmphotos.net

Extreme arms and legs piercing. It must be very painful.