10 Natural Tips to Get Pink Lips


Lips are the most sensitive part of the face that have no oil glands and so need external care to keep them soft and nourish. Here are 10 natural tips to get pink lips :

#1. Exfoliate your lips :

Regular exfoliation is required to remove the dead skin. This can be done by the using  Toothbrush. Take a soft bristle toothbrush and rub gently on the lips for 1 minute.  This remedy will remove all the dead skin from your lips it also stimulates blood flow to the lips, making them soft and pink.

#2. Use Seeds and Milk :

To create a beautiful pink color lips you can use pomegranate seeds .the best way of using seeds is by crushing the seeds and mix with some milk cream. There are no side effects of this home remedy.

#3. Rose treatment :

The three important medicinal properties found in rose are comfort, cooling and hydrated. These properties make our lips healthy and beautiful. Mix honey with some drops of rose water and apply it on your lips 3 to 4 times daily. This remedy makes your lips naturally beautiful.

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#4. Apply Glycerin :

Glycerin is an odorless, pale and viscous, sweet tasting liquid that is soluble in water and low in toxicity. It is found in nature in the form of its esters, which are known as Glycerides. Glycerin used for hundred years in the soap making industry, where it is used, along with other ingredients and aromatic oils.

#5. Nourish with Carrot juice :

Carrot juice is very useful for lips it consists of antioxidant which helps in lightening the skin. After peeling off the carrot .take the carrot juice and apply on your lips. Apply this juice regularly. After a few weeks your lips become shiny and soft. Vitamins in carrot juice will add color to your rosy lips.

#6. Avoid smoking :

Lips become dark and dull by the continuous smoking. To remove the dullness the best natural remedies is to quit smoking. Moreover Smoking also lead to other health benefits such as longer life and healthy lungs etc.

#7. Massage treatment :

To make your lips beautiful and color full Massage treatment is better option. You can use ghee or butter for good massage. Put some ghee on your lips and massage for 2 minutes. You can do this before bedtime and leave it overnight. This is one of the best remedy.

#8. Olive oil :

Olive oil is used mostly when our lips becomes dehydrated. To moisturize your lips you can use olive oil. Olive oil is basically used as a cosmetic in Egypt. Olive oil is full of vitamins. Vitamin-E is found on olive oil.

  • Mix half cup of olive oil with same quantity of water.
  • Shake this mixture for some time.
  • After this apply this mixture on your lips.

#9. Lemon treatment :

Lemon is used as natural remedy to make your lips light in color. it also clean the dirt from the lips. Here is the procedure to use lemon on your lips :

  • cut the slice of lemon
  • put some sugar on it
  • After this apply on your lips. Do it regularly for some days.
  • your lips will make pink in few days

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#10. Use  petroleum jelly

If your lips become chapped petroleum jelly is the best heal. This jelly helps your lips in many ways like gloss your lips, protect your lips from direct sunlight. When your lips become dry. It helps in moisturizing your lips.