10 Natural Tips To Stop Hair Fall


Hair fall occurs due to many reasons like Age, change of life, maternity, genetics etc. The fulminant hair loss indicates inherent medical condition and requires distinguish the problem causing the hair loss. There are many treatment are available in hospitals. But these treatments are much expensive. You can treat hair loss at home by using natural home remedies. Below mentioned are the 10 Natural tips to stop hair fall.

#1. Coconut Milk : Coconut milk is a fluid deduct from ripe coconuts and different than coconut water. It consists of higher amount of fat that is mostly used for the treatment of hair loss.it is the best home remedy for hair loss problem. It consists of huge amount of vitamin E that is very beneficial for hair and also promotes hair growth.

#2. Aloe Vera : It is the mostly useful home remedy in treating the scalp and various conditions that affect the scalp like hair loss. Aloe Vera consists of many vitamins and minerals that prevent hair loss.it help in clogging the pores and prevent irritating hair follicles. It is also used to treatment of dandruff with itching and irritation.

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#3. Fenugreek : In Indian local language it is popularly known as “methi”. It is the best treatment for hair loss. It is a inquire spice that is widely used in Indian kitchens in various recipes like vegetarian dishes, dals etc. Fenugreek seeds are also useful for the cure of hair problems.it consists of vitamins and iron essential for scalp.

#4. Onion juice : It is used as the treatment of hair loss from many years. Crude onion should be utilized directly on the scalp to advance new hair growth.it is very easy to use .it also provide natural strength to hair and prevent from loss. It is an excellent medicine for hair thinning due to rich in Sulphur compound.

#5. Honey : Honey consists of various properties to fight against infections that below the top layer of the skin by unclogging pore and also cleaning the impurities stick in this layer. It appeal water and keep back it in the skin, keeping the skin smooth and lissome. It also defends the skin from dryness and previous seam.

#6. Amla : It has precious anti-dandruff properties that help in the treatment of hair loss. It act as the most famous home remedy for the treatment of hair loss. To prevent the hair loss mix water with small amount of amla to make paste then apply this pate on the scalp to prevent hair loss.

#7. Oil Massage : The contaminated and accented fill up environment doesn’t save anything, not even your hair. It is necessary to prevent the hair loss. It is found that the Oil massage offers betterment to the circulation of blood to the scalp which ultimately leads to better nourishment and hence good health of hair.

#8. Eat Right : Due to the bad habits of eating in modern lifestyles, there are many diseases are born. New generation eat much junk food that leads to increase the risk of diseases. There are many foods are available for the treatment of hair loss. These foods consist of essential vitamins to treat the hair loss like beans, Fish, eggs, Raisins etc.

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#9. Henna : It is a hair coloring property from past hundreds of years.it is also found that it is one of outflank natural remedies for hair growth. It also protects our hair from sun and dust. You can also mix many herbal ingredients with henna to make best home remedy for hair loss. It has dimensions that help repair hair teguments, making hair strands thick and strong.

  #10. Acupressure : For thinning of hair or excessive hair loss, the Acupressure is the best home remedy for the treatment of hair loss. It provides internal strength to the scalp and decrease hair loss. Acupressure is done by pressing some points on our body to stimulate the flow of life energy or prevent hair loss.