10 People Who Survived The Impossible


It is always amazing and surprising to know that there are very few people who have survived the impossible. The word impossible had tried to stop them completely but they had overcome those stops and survived the impossible. Let us have a look at few among them who can inspire our being.

#1. Vesna vulovic :

Vesna vulovic

via : crimesandcuriosities.tumblr.com

She is a real survivor. She was a flight steward in the Yugoslav airline and in an unfortunate blast that made the entire passenger to die; she fell from a height of 33000 feet and still survived. Skull damage and other damages didn’t stop her life.

#2. Truman Duncan :

Truman DuncanPhoto via : today.com

He survived a fall from a moving train and cut himself into two. There were almost 23 surgeries done to bring him back to life. Though there were struggles, he just left them behind and took off. The best part is that he managed to call emergency right after the incident staying conscious for next 45 minutes.

#3. Frane Selak :

Frane Selak

Photo via dradiowissen.de

He is not a survivor from one incident; he had his life fighting with these survival issues. There were several times that he had come out of death including a plane jump, 2 bus crashes, 3 car explosions and 1 2 train crashes. He was lucky enough to survive all of them and also to win a huge lottery.

#4. Anatoli Bugorski :

He was a researcher of physics and was checking on an error piece from where he had to face a ray of 200000 rad directly on to his skull. 500 rad is more than enough to kill a person whereas Antoli Bugorski survived 200000 rad.

#5. Shayna Richardson:

She was a pregnant lady and she was a sky diver. Shayna had been doing sky diving when this accident took place. Her parachute did not open and she fell from a height of 11000 feet. She survived this and also gave birth to her beautiful baby.

#6. Alceileide Rodrigues:

She had to face a stab on the head when she was 22 years old  by her boy friend who was abusive. Though the situation was too tough to survive, after a long struggle of surgeries she recovered completely from the situation.

#7. Alexis Goggins:

This little brave girl had survived 6 shots that her mother’s boy friend had shot to kill her mother. She survived this great life threatening act and she also saved her mother from such great disaster. Her love for her mother was insane and was even ready to kill herself.

#8. Betty Lou Olivers:

Empire state building was her work place and she fell from 75 floors to the ground and still survived. Doctors who treated her were surprised and feel that it was a miracle that she survived.

#9. Paul Rosalie:

He was eaten alive by an anaconda. He was in a shoot for the discovery channel and had himself into the mouth of the anaconda. His head was completely in and was rescued from this dangerous stunt. It is said that if he had moved anyway further on to then he would have never survived.

#10. Henderson:

He and his friend had gone fishing in a boat and suddenly the boat started sinking without any reason. Nothing could have been done in that ice cold water. He managed to take his friend and swim but unfortunately he died in that ice cold water and Henderson survived the situation.