10 Reasons To Watch Dilwale

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Finally the most and the amazing film “Dilwale” has been released this December and most of the people are interesting to watch this movie as soon as they can. SRK fans wants to give all good reasons after watching this film, because moreover, this was one of the most awaited movie of the year. The main reason to watch with excitement is because the pair of film gets joined together after a gap of five years ago. The pairs of SRK and Kajol’s fan experienced more overwhelming after watching this film. After a long time this pair appeared on the screen, they are looking so good together. We have make some reasons list why you should watch “Dilwale”.

Top 10 reasons to watch Dilwale :

#1. The First thing is the pair of this film makes top level to watch this film, no one needs to justify at this point. Because it was much refreshing to see those two people performance after many years. And moreover, they will play love hate relationships.

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#2. The great chemistry workout between Varun Dhawan and Kriti. At the same time it is not overshadowed by the pair of a film. Those two hold they impress to ground level with their screen presence.

#3. All those locations in this film are a breathtaking form goes to Bulgaria to see all those things with “Gerua Song” and this can make some possible with the help of Rohit working for this film.

#4. Sanjay Mishra deserves some part of the film with a standing ovation performance. Each and every time he came on screen people are not controlling their laughter and it was hilarious one to watch.


#5. The other rest of the cast gives the good things about “Dilwale” and their performance will support the whole film. With the super entertaining bunch comes under these people they are Boman Irani, Varun Sharma and Johnny lever.

#6. The songs in the movie were placed in the right places so the people love to watch those songs in this film without boring. After the long time songs are placed in the perfect place and then those are important for scripts.

#7. The most important factor in this film is about their action sequences here lots of action is there. With the help of bullets flying, car flying, people flying. Finally, people are enjoying with all those sequences in this film.

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#8. For the first time watching this film the story was good and honesty one. The director knows exactly what the audience wants and they will give the best from it.

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#9. When you see the chemistry of hero and heroine you can so much of romance occurred between them. And also bromance are presented between Varun Dhawan and Varun Sharma plays the best friends and after they will fall in love like real bros.

#10. So what are you waiting for? Go and watch the movie, This film must be watchable with your family, forget all the tensions of your life, you will enjoy the whole movie with more entertaining things.

Watch DilWale’s Official Trailer :-

When you watch the film the users can experience lots of things like romance, fights, comedy and sentiments. So the people can enjoy after watching this film. And moreover, those reasons bring expect to watch this film without fail.