10 Reasons You Should Stop Using Hand Sanitizers


Washing the hands after washroom or before meal is very necessary for everyone. Most of peoples used hand sanitizers to removes the dust from hands. Hand sanitizers are also available in various brands in all over the world. But due to many reasons it is always advised to not to use hand sanitizers. Below mentioned are 10 reasons you should stop using hand sanitizers.

#1. Not effective

It is found that the hand sanitizers is not very effective than soap. There are various soaps are available in the market .you can use any of them. It is found that the hand sanitizer are not properly kills the germs.

#2. Damage your skin

It is very important to note that anything mixed with hand sanitizers will move through the skin and into the bloodstream more easily. This can damage your skin very easily. So it is advised to not to use hand sanitizers.

#3. Dry skin

Some peoples cannot found the affect produced by hand sanitizer .they found the dryness of skin occurs due to other reason . But it is found that the hand sanitizers consists of dangerous chemicals that makes your skin dry.

#4. Unknown chemicals

Most hand sanitizers are made up of chemical olfactory perception. Most of this chemical odor can cause allergies and hormonal disruptions. These unknown chemicals are also affects many more health benefits.

#5. Accelerated aging:

It is an artificial process for establishing the lifespan or shelf life of a product in an expedited manner. This can occur due to the regular use of hand sanitizers. These hand sanitizers decrease the skin properties and accelerated aging.

#6. Development of Super bugs

It is the bacterial infections cause by the various chemical present in the hand sanitizers. A super bug develops when a normal strain of bacteria becomes resistant to multiple antibiotic drugs. This resistance produces because of the overuse or misuse of antibiotics in a variety of settings, especially in medical care.

#7. Cause Absorption of BPA

It is researched that using hand sanitizer can increase the amount of BPA absorbed by the skin 100-fold. BPA is often found in the thermal paper used to make receipts, bus, plane and train tickets and other products.

#8. Weakened immune system

Diagnosis is vital as diminished immune response can pose serious threats to health. Weekend immune system is due to many reasons. The main reason can be the regular use of the hand sanitizers. It is not good for immune system.

  #9. Toxic smell

A compound named phthalates is present in the hand sanitizers that easily leach into foods and then into your body and decrease your body functioning. Hand sanitizers smell also offers bad effect on harmonic systems.

#10. Alcohol content

It is mostly found that the level of alcohol in hand sanitizers is varies between 60% and 85%.this can cause many health problems. There are different types of alcohol that may be used as the disinfectant in hand sanitizer.