10 Technologies To Watch Out For In The Future


In this current generation, everyone would like to see the changes at regular interval especially on technology basis. There are certain changes which have been implemented in all part of the world slowly but the reach and response has been too good from all people. Mobile is one of the finest technologies which move the world to next level other than that Internet is one of the major features of rapid changes in technologies. Let us discuss about some of the best technologies which are going to be used in future upgrades.

#1. Ion-Smart Scooter :

Right now the technology is mainly concentrating to synchronize the size of an object that helps everyone to carry the product to any place. This scooter is one of the light weight vehicle of only 26 pounds which have the tendency to ride all part of the city nearly eighteen miles on single charge up (Lithium Ion battery). It can run at the speed of fifteen miles per hour and its total cost would be around $400.

#2. Upcoming 8 OS X EI Captain :

Apple is getting ready to launch their updated version Apple Desktop Operating System with huge expectation on people end. This one has been one of the challenging one and expected to implement some of the best features which you have ever seen in other versions of Apple OS.

#3. STEM Equipment :

One of UK citizen has designed and integrated one new type of robotic project which encourage the students to learn more about Science and Math with higher level of intension without any pressure.

#4. Top Class Robotic Intelligence :

Till know we couldn’t see complete functionality of artificial intelligence in robotics but within 2017 there is some trademark is going to updated soon by integrating with specialized robotic designers from all part of the world. The motivation of this process is to analyze and recreate the human thoughts.

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#5. Pronto Battery :

This is the fast charging battery that is featured with portability package in which more number of energy can be stored to recharge the mobile and this is especially designed to charge iPhone. This will take maximum of fifteen minutes to complete the full charge up.

#6. Wing Board :

You dare then come and show you talent in riding through air above the cloud. This would be a great adventure for all sports enthusiast. This specialized wing board integrates the functionality of wakeboarding and skydiving that turned into a device that makes you to fly.

#7. Micro Electromechanical Systems :

MEMS are a specialized compact technology that has implemented the technique of Micro fabrication. This is similar to accelerometers in automobile but the additional features will be revealed soon in future.

#8. Nano Material :

The actual size of these Nano materials would be approximately less than 100nm. There are two features are updated which are as follows: Structure and Quantum effect.

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#9. Compact Pixels :

In this modern generation, various researches are made in order to implement some of the high definition pixels in which one of them are packed pixels.

#10. 3D Outsource :

There is a tremendous change made using 3D printer that stride thousands of animated industry upto $3.5 billion growing high with more than 30% of every year.