10 Things To Do In Venice


It is the most popular city in Italy. It is also very attractive city. The most of people from all over the world come there for enjoy their vacations. Every one who comes to Venice want to do interesting things in Venice. Below mentioned are the 10 things to do in Venice.

#1. Visit St. Mark’s Basilica :

It is the very famous church in all over the world. With big onion domes and various-colored marble pillars this church look so beautiful and attractive. If you are visit to Venice this is the best place to visit.

#2. Go to Carnevale :

Most of the Venice peoples go to this carnival. It will come about January 31 – February 17. This almost charming of cities make full with a mass of disguised attenders – sitting and primp, dancing and womanize, in a slightly surreal ex-cogitation of a great custom of the city.

#3. The Grand Canal :

If you want to enjoy the Venice beautiful places you must go to Grand Canal that is major water-traffic hallway in the city. The Santa Lucia railway station is also very near to this place. The view of this canal is most attractive.

#4. True Venetian cuisine :

Your tour   will be delicious if you are in Venice. The cuisine of Venetian is most famous in all over the world. The taste of this cuisine is so delicious. This is also comes in top Italian foods.

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#5. Tour the Doge’s Palace :

There are also many interesting facts about this doge palace. If you are visited there you found many pieces of artwork. This palace consists of huge rooms, each more highly adorned. When you are in Venice you must visit to doge palace.

#6. Trip to Burano Island :

The lacemaking in Burano is the center workmanship attraction. This island is very beautiful. You can also go through near some little shops where you can look up to Murano glass processing.

#7. St Mary of the Friars Church :

This very significant and stately brick Italian Gothic architecture building is marginally plain but imposing. This is attractive church for a brief visit. There are several real standout items that you can plan for, focus and get done in thirty minutes.

#8. Ice cream shops :

In Venice you found really good quality homemade ice cream and is very delicious when tasted. There are various shops are found in Santa Margarita streets in Venice. You should taste ice creams of this place if you are in Venice.

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#9. Get around in a gondola :

If you want to complete your Venice trip then you should not miss this place. This place is very attractive and most famous. You can see the city’s colorful waterways in an iconic gondola.

#10. Tour Venice on Foot :

Walking in Venice streets is the best experience by many of peoples. The streets of Venice are very beautifully constructed. There are also many beautiful places will come if you walking through Venice city streets.