10 Things To Know About Japan

10 things to know about Japan, japanes culture

As everyone knows that Japan is highly competitive country in which each and every individual would like to work more and sleep less as compare to other part of country people in this world. There are various special locations are available in Japan which makes you to mesmerize. Let us discuss some of the things about Japan.

#1. Absolute Neat & Clean

The government of Japan mainly focusing on neat and clean which should be strictly maintained by each and every person who are living in their country and all the arrangements are provided by themselves in uniform manner.

#2. Speak Out When It Is Required

The discipline in Japan has been too good which doesn’t need to force on anyone rather their surrounding would automatically change their nature. There is no time to blabbering in public and disturbing others rather speak useful things that may help others.

#3. Christmas Day Is Changed To Valentine’s Day

This would be really special to see that there is no special occasion or traditional holiday in Japan on Christmas. But in past few decades the culture has been changed as a Valentine’s Day that would give an opportunity to share their love and affection with special gifts to each other.

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#4. Awareness Of Preventing Trash Can

No one would believe that there you cannot see the dustbin in the public places rather the individual person who travel outside should take a soda tin in their bag or in any empty vessel to carry the waste material. This should be really stunning and most of the countries are following the same.

#5. Robotic Usage Of Toilet

This would give something different experiences to every individual who are new to visit the Japan from other country because for example make use of toilet similar to robot which must follow some protocols.

#6. Must Visit The Barbecued Tongue

There are certain recipes which are highly tasteful which you cannot get from any other places other than Tokyo. The cow tongue is one of the special foods of traditional Japan.

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#7. No Terms Called Tips

Once you started reading about the Japan, you get more and more surprise back to back because the way they are trained and discipline from the day one they born in Japan. No Taxi driver or waiter would collect the tips from the customer at any cost.

#8. Map To Reach Destination

The maximum number of things in Japan work through machinery and the written information are in Japan rather you can collect the Map in order to reach the destination. You need to pay the money in machine and get the ticket to travel the next place.

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#9. Avoid Acceptance Of Credit Card

In Japan most of the company would never accept any credit cards rather they would go with cash based system. This would be much safer for them to lead the life rather checking the transaction from one place to another seems to be waste of time.

#10. Japan Citizens Are Friendly Nature

There are certain things which you need to learn before to visit this country. Keep on smiling when you speak with someone and thank for everything when you make the conversation.