10 Things To Know About Rolex


You can find various company brand for watches but the Rolex is the one which completely change your mind to not to get out of it. Most of the people from all part of the world would like to wear the Rolex watch once in their lifetime. Let us discuss some of the best features about the Rolex that are as follows:

#1. Proof Of What Rolex Means

There is different information that has been passed in all part of the world about the term “Rolex” is wrong but the truth is here. It’s the term comes from French language which is called as exquisite clockwork. But this information never comes from the mouth of this owner or beginner of it.

#2. Relationship With World War II

The superior of air force flyers in Britain has established the worth of Rolex and it has been replaced by most of the person who took part in World War II from Britain country and this has been must populated in all part the world.

#3. Rolex Established In London

Rolex has great histories which are renowned and turned back to the swiss made watch in future. But the German Person Hans Wilsdorf and their brothers has designed this watch and established in London in 1905.

#4. Brand Of Entire World

Rolex has a great set of name in all part of the developed and developing countries and most of the VIP used to wear this watch which is highly expensive as well as worth of it for long period of time.

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#5. 904L Expensive Stainless Steel

There are various steel are available in the international market but 904L is the special one which has a great power of robustness and it is highly expensive too while other brand of watch are using the second level of steel called as 316L.

#6. Minimum Of One Year To Make It

No one would believe if it says it takes one year to bring the watch to the market and one more thing which is really surprising is nearly one million watches is coming to the market every year from Switzerland.

#7. Rolex Is peak At Bottom Of the Ocean

This is another surprise that this watch has been tested in the ocean in 1960 by the Indian Navy team by taking it to the bottom of the ocean with approximate depth of 35000 feet down which is more than the height of Everest with immense pressure of water but it still run without any second of change in it.

#8. Testing Operation Performance

Before delivering the product to the customer or the market, the Rolex watch will be tested with maximum level of pressure and passed to market only it pass the test and this shows the best of its quality.

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#9. Specialized Gemologists Team Setup

There are some team who are permanently taking part in the arrangement of the Rolex watch  with a set of Diamond in it and there are certain level of limitations are need to be followed in order to make use of it.

#10. A-class Certification

There is no chance of getting A certification because its require 100% quality without any compromise and if there is any fault occur then the company would need to give the direct return back of money with immense penalty.