10 Things You Must Do In Bangkok

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There are several different kinds of optional available for you to do things in Bangkok. Now see us discuss the major Top 10 things to do in Bangkok briefly one by one. Bangkok is one of the top leading tourist destinations in the world.

#1. Visit stunning Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River wanders right way through the heart of Bangkok along with adds charm and appeal of this busy city. Receiving out from the water provide you a smash from the crowds as well as the heat, while you making a trip beside the river this is popular thing to do in Bangkok.

#2. Stopover Bangkok national museum

While to decide what to do in Bangkok, then sudden thing comes in your mind is museums. There are different types of museums available in different subjects as well as size across the city. This is the biggest museum around Southeast Asia.

#3. Khao san Road

It is one of the famous attractions of Bangkok and it has only short street but probably know as the leading street across the city. While you make visit to backpacker paradise this is one of the top thing you have to do in Bangkok. If you want to buy cheap dresses and this is the right place for you.

#4. Admiring Sea Life Bangkok

This is one of the biggest aquariums in Southeast Asia. The Sea Life Bangkok greeting smash from crowds and heat, and you can able to find out many beautiful outdoor attractions. In case, if you are looking for what to do in Bangkok along with your kids then this is the right choice for you to visit.

#5. Visit Jim Thompson House

The stunning tourist destination in Bangkok is Jim Thompson House, offers you insight into the life of Jim Thompson along with the attractive look of traditional architecture of Thailand’s with beautiful art and silk work. Outer side of the home is covered with full of green lush gardens and pond is available inside of the pond variety of fishes presented and this is nice place for you to visit.

#6. Chatuckak Weekend market

There many things you have to do in Bangkok, apart from those things one of the interesting things you have to do is shopping is one of the popular things for local people as well as tourist people. Such as, there are limitless shopping malls and markets are available for you purchase.

#7. Grand palace

The Grand Palace are designed with stunning historic complex art works in building and really makes you to feel the stunning experiences while you visit the palace. Among several attractions, this plays vital role and this is leading destinations in Bangkok.

#8. Dusit Palace

The Dusit palace is the official residence of the King V. Rama and it was his primary residence. This is build between the years from 1897 to 1901 and beat the heat of Grand Palace.

#9. Wat Arun Temple

The Bangkok city fully covered with huge number of beautiful temple; among those temples, famous temple is Wat Arun. This is the best temple in the city and there is no doubt for you regarding that you should visit this temple in Bangkok.

#10. Lumpini Park

The Lumpini Park is largest Public Park in the Bangkok city, and situated near to the city center. This park is covered with full of greenery on the open spaces and keep you away from the crowd streets, noise and traffic congestion.