10 Things You Should Know About Silicon Valley


The word Silicon Valley reminds of some kind of a valley and we tend to think that it is a name of some valley. But the amazing thing is that it is related to a valley but it is not directly a valley. The city of San Francisco is known to be the Silicon Valley.

#1. Mystery behind the name :

You must know why the city is named as the Silicon Valley. The valley named Santa Clara valley is the base of this name. The electronic hub for most of the cities made this to be the Silicon Valley. There are so many corporate who have headquartered at this beautiful city.

#2. The Indian silicon valley:

With the same significance there is a silicon valley situated in India also. India has its silicon valley as Bangalore. It is a huge city with lots of corporate holds. Most of the companies has its presence in this city.

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#3. Silicon Valley cannot have a replicate :

The beauty of the land and the things that it deals with are the best part of this city. those formulas that had worked for many are still continued in setting up industrial areas. This thoughtful idea doesn’t get fulfilled anywhere else.

#4. It is not over yet :

Once you get your business to this valley of prosperity, it is not about all. It is only considered to be a beginning of your entrepreneurship. You will have a lot of things to learn and apply over your business from here.

#5. It cannot do magic just like that :

If you are want to build your career as an entrepreneur then you need to learn lessons of success from here. Know about this great place and then go on with your decision. Apply your knowledge and sensibility, you will start seeing results.

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#6. So far so good :

This valley has been a miracle for most of the young corporate who had chosen their successful fields and have made their way towards success. You can also try your luck if you are looking at a breakthrough.

#7. World of corporate working :

The idea behind this place is the world that is hidden here. Corporate have chosen this place to be a lucky one for each of them as this place gave them what they wanted. You can also be a part of it and earn your desires.

#8. Considered to be computer world :

This beautiful city of San Francisco is considered to be the computer world where information technology has the major share of it and without doubt major share of any of the business world is occupied by computers and thus they rule the world.

#9. Start up mechanism :

Silicon Valley is best for any kind of startups and it has proved its auspicious presence for most of the corporate companies and others who have tried their luck here. It is quite amazing that the companies who have made their way to this place have never seen a doom to their companies.

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#10. It is a must to know about this before any business start up :

It is a good thing if you are able to know more about this great place of entrepreneurship before you actually start your business operations. The secret behind the success of this place is still a mystery but the myth of successful beginning stays alive and is still on the go.