10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend


We all know that girls are very sensitive in nature. All the girls want good conversation with her boyfriend. Your girlfriend will happy if you choose good things to talk with her. This will increase love bond between you and your girlfriend. Below mentioned are the 10 things you should never say to your girlfriend.

#1. “Fine” word :

We all know that fine is the simple word that every one used during conversations with others. But if you are with your girlfriend and your girlfriend ask you some questions like “how she looks?”, “how is my dress? “And you answered by one word like fine. This must be your last date because girl’s wishes explanation about her dress or anything she wear.

#2. “No, honestly, she’s just a friend” :

If you are always talking, about your previous friends like college girls or any other close friends, with your girlfriend. This may be gone worse because many of girls do not want to listen about any other girl from her boyfriend.

#3. “You look different in the morning” :

It is not good idea to tell her about her morning look. Some boys think it is just a joke but this compliment can change your love relationship. Don’t tell anything wrong about your girlfriend’s look because she gets depressed and sometimes more emotional.

#4. “Want to pay for dinner?” :

During your date at a very big hotel or restaurant with your girlfriend is the feeling of great joy. But your one sentence can ruin your joy. If you ask her to pay for dinner she might be not happy with you.

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#5. “I Prefer You To Do It Like This …” :

Some persons have habit to always order to everyone. If you also do this with your girlfriend that can went worse. Some girls have their own choices they don’t want to obey order, so do not force her to do your choice of thing.

#6. “I Don’t Like Your Friends” :

Friends are the best part of life. Everyone wants to make new friends that understand his or her feelings and stood in their hard times. If you are talking worse words about her friends she might be unhappy with you.

#7. “I’m at work Now” :

   Some peoples have bad habit of lying every time with their girlfriend’s. If you are not working rather you told her girlfriend that you are at your work. Some times this can cause breakup in relation between you and your girlfriend

  #8. Do not remind about bad memories :

Bad memories are harmful for our happiness. This can also effect on our psychological behavior. If your girlfriend is talking with you do not remember her bad memories. This situation can sudden change your girlfriend mood.

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#9. “You look fat!” :

Some girls are over weighted or healthy. But some boys have habit to always make comments on their girlfriends on their healthy body.it is not good for your relation. You can help her to lose her weight rather making comments.

#10. “Can you stop being emotional?” :

It is well known that girls are emotional. Their emotions are due to many reasons. If you want not to break your relation do not say anything worse to your girlfriend. Just calm down and speak gently and increased her self-power.