10 Tips and Tricks For iPhone 6


11271087_410331579174166_485091209_niPhone 6 is an amazing smartphone launched by apple inc. last year. It is currently running on iOS 8 and iOS 8.3 operating system. It has become the most selling smartphone in all over the world. It has many multiple advanced and useful features of latest technology. Everyone wants to know the best tricks for this beast iPhone 6. Here is the list of 10 tips and tricks for iPhone 6 mentioned below.

#1. Battery Percentage :

Iphone 6 batteryBattery level is provided in the upper right corner of the status bar by the iPhone 6. You can keep track of the charge unexpanded in your iPhone more easily by enabling the battery percentage indicator. Iphone 6 Battery percentageTo enable it, simply go to Settings >> tap General >> Usage and tap on the Battery Percentage command to turn it on.

#2. Add Special Symbol :

iPhone provides best way to add special symbol. The € symbol is not easily found on your iPhone this I phone offers the use of this symbol quickly. It is done by simply taping and holding the $ key. There are various symbols are inserted by using this key.it is the best tip for your iphone6.

#3. Reading list :

Reading list in SafariSafari’s Reading List can added by theiphone6. It offers you to Reading List by tapping the share button in Safari by using this trick you can save your items of reading lists also. You can add links from the Share menu in apps by using these tips.

#4. Google Maps :

Google maps iphone 6It is One of the wonderful benefits of the smartphone era that never having to become lost again. Apple’s Maps are the best service blenches in equivalence to Google’s far superior offering. With the help of google maps we can detect out exactly where we are at any given moment.

#5. Setup Touch ID and a strong password :

Iphone 6 touch ID and passcodeEvery person wants their smartphone to be as safe as possible. iPhone consists of a Touch ID that is simple and efficacious. It offers 4-digit passcode as default mode but you should take steps to change this password according to your choice. It is very simple to off the pass-code by just navigate to settings then switch off Passcode.

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#6. Guide Siri on :

Siri is the most important key feature provided by the iphone6. This is the best feature of the iOS 7 and iOS 8 software. It is also used as smart personal supporter and knowledge sailing master that can answer user questions in real-time.it is the most popular trick for the iphone6 smartphones.

#7. Switch directions in Panorama mode :

It is an emulation of photography that captures images with elongated fields of view. Panorama mode countenances you to modify directions at volition with a simple tap of the screen. Its earlier photography had a hard time taking full 160° shots in instances but now it is easy to capture images.

#8. Reopen a closed tab :

This is the most useful application offers by the iPhone 6 smart phone to investigate the best healthy eating restaurants in your area and many more places without losing its history. In other words it provides best way to reopen a closed tab. It is basically a very simple application. In this even you can just tap the “plus sing” button to reopen all closed tabs.

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#9. Faster charging with an iPad charger :

It is the best trick for the iphone6, accordance with faster charging. Without damaging the battery now you can charge your iPhone 6 instantly with an iPad charger.it is found that it can charge faster with a 2.1A power supply. This means you should be capable to fully charge an iPhone 6 in two hours.

#10. Shoot From A Low Angle :

There are many useful features are provided by the iphone6. It offers the most convenient way to take a photos from the chest height of an adult. You can also considerably ameliorate your photos by finding a more useful angle that provides the best way to shoot from a lower angle.