10 Tips For Healthy Liver


Clean liver better excretes out the harmful toxins; thus making it have a balanced hormone levels with an improved hair health rather than just concentrating upon the wastes all the time. Today we are sharing 10 tips for healthy liver.

#1. Take foods containing antioxidants :

Free radical damage is stops by antioxidants. This is very harmful for liver. Artichokes purify the blood and reduce the cholesterol, triglycerides levels. Cabbage cauliflower, kale, soybeans are rich source of antioxidants.

#2. Consume  Organic :

Organic foods such as iron, zinc and fruits consist of 40% of antioxidants. This is very helpful for lever. Moreover pesticides are gather in the system and reduce lever functioning. An organic food contains fewer amounts of pesticides.

#3. Avoid Drink and Drugs :

Alcohol has diverse effect on liver. It stops functioning of liver. Sometimes more consumption of alcohol leads to death. The drugs Duract and Rezulin have been withdrawn due to liver injury.

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#4. Go for some  exercise daily :

Daily exercise leads to healthy liver. Every day Exercise increases blood circulation, burns fat and also relaxes your mind. Free radical from the body, doing exercise, also flushes through sweat glands. Swimming and walking are also effective exercises to have a healthy liver.


#5. Never use antibiotics :

Antibiotics are the basic cause of liver damage. It is recommended that do not use antibiotics. It destroys the useful bacteria in the gut that eliminate toxins. These bacteria help in digestion.

#6. Take Fiber:

Grains, fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber. These fibers lead to increase the functioning of liver.

#7. Take Sulfur :

The enzymes produced by lever helps the organs. Sulfur helps to increase the amount such enzymes and helps the organs. Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli are the rich source of Sulfur.

#8. Avoid meat :

Digestion in the body is very important. Red Meat is harder to digest so it leads to liver problems. It can also contribute to bloating.

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#9. Decrease Caffeine intake :

Caffeine is dangerous for liver. It deposits the toxins in the body. Caffeine effect on the blood sugar functions of liver.

#10. Avoid Smoking :

You know the slogan very well that” smoking kills”. You must quit the smoking to make     healthy liver. The habits of regularly smoking cause cancer. There are many health organizations that help in kick off smoking.