10 Tips To Cure Hangover

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Hangover is the psychological effect on the body. It occurs by the regular consumption of alcohol. There is no perfect cure for this but some of these tips you can relief from hangover.

#1. Take plenty of liquid :

Hangover is the sign of dehydration. Which causes dizziness, headaches etc. to avoid hangover someone must hydrated or take plenty of water daily. You can also take sports drink that contains essential nutrients. These nutrients are helpful for reducing hangover.

#2. Avoid  alcohol consumption :

Main cause of hangover is alcohol which contains ethanol. More consumption of alcohol leads to hangover. Ethanol is considered a psychoactive drug. Alcohol attacked on our immune system and makes us unconscious.

#3. Use Ginger ale :

Carbonated soft drink, Ginger ale, is the best drink to cure hangover. It is the best medicine recommended for the cure of hangover. Ginger has more benefits i.e.  Cure nausea, stomach ache etc.

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#4. By Taking Painkiller :

If you are suffering from headache you can reduce the pain by taking medicine or pain killer like Aspirin or ibuprofen. But you must know that the over dose may cause some harmful effects. So it is recommended that you must take advice from health physician.

#5. Take potassium :

By the consumption of alcohol and other alcoholic beverages not only dehydrate us but some electrolytes are also reduced. These electrolytes are helpful for our body to reduce hangover. These electrolytes are snaked from potassium rich foods like banana Spinach etc.

#6. Take Taurine rich food :

Taurine helps in rehydrate, found in animal tissues. Bile is the major constituent of taurine. It is found in large intestine with a percentage of .01%. An egg contains much amount of taurine which helps to cure hangover. Fish and meat also contain taurine.

#7. Ginger tea :

It is an herbal tea. All  the reactions occurs in our stomach .if you consume large quantity of alcohol stomach ache is the basic problem to avoid this you must drink ginger tea which is best for stomach ache .

#8. Be Healthy :

You are much more likely to be affected by hangovers if you’re not fit, active and healthy. Go for 30 minutes’ Walk daily .it helps you to reduce hangover.

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#9. Deflect Yourself :

Distract yourself with doing some favorite things, like playing football, watching TV shows etc. This can reduce Your hangover problem easily.

#10. Avoid coffee :

Coffee makes our body dehydrated. Hence it is advised that to take relief from hangover avoid drinking coffee. Take some fruit juice instead of coffee.