10 Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows


There are several options available to remove the dark spot elbows and knees. The dark areas which develop in elbow are known as dead cell which is formed due to pressure which has been given in elbows and knees. There are certain remedies which can be used at daily use in home can be making use to avoid such kind of issues are as follows:

#1. Olive Oil Combined With Sugar :

Sugar is one of the common things which have been used at home and olive oil helps to moisturize the skin. Take equal content of both the substances and then mix it like a paste and then apply it on dark spot after fifteen to twenty minutes rub that area for two minutes then wash it with water.

#2. Integrating Milk With Baking Soda :

Baking soda is one of the finest products which help everyone to get rid the black color within the short period. Take one teaspoon of baking soda and add it with milk and then apply that in black spot of elbow and rub it smoothly on circular basis. Please follow this process for once in two days and continue it until the color appears

#3. Chemical Reaction Using Lemon :

Add a mixture of gram flour with lemon that helps you for natural bleach. Take a part of lime juice and add it with gram flour and mix it. After that apply it on elbow and make use of it at regular interval until the color changes.

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#4. Aloe Vera Paste :

There are various advantages are available by making use of Aloe vera especially from preventing sun damages to skin. Take a leaf from aloe vera stem and then extract the gel and slowly apply it on the black spotted skin and then keep it for an hour then your skin tone will be changed and seems to be shiny.

#5. Natural Oil :

Natural oil like coconut oil, olive oil and other related substance that makes you to retain the moisture of the skin and reduce the darkness of the skin gradually.

#6. Pumice Stone :

In this world, there are treasuries things are given by god which have efficient features. One of them is called as pumice stone. This stone helps to remove the dead cells from the skin and it must be used during the time of bathing.

#7. Combination Of Turmeric And Heavy Cream :

The mixture of these two natural substances helps the individual to lighten the skin tone especially for the people who are dark. Take pure milk with high fat content and boil at heat until it get thick after that mix it with turmeric and apply on the elbow in order to see the reaction.

#8. Simply Rub The Skin :

Take a rough scrubbing or cloth and rub it on the skin where the darkness seems to be more which helps to remove the dry and flaky skin cells and then it wills automatically there is some change can be seen next day.

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#9. Natural Fruits :

There are certain fruits that can be making use on the skin of every individual in order to remove the darkness and some of them are water melon, tomato, orange layer etc…

#10. Sunscreen Cream :

One must make use of sunscreen cream that avoid harmful UV rays and this must be applied at morning time when you get out of the office and you can apply it twice a day when you are going out in the sun often.