10 Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally


Pimples are typical skin problem that impact many people. Everyone wants attractive skin to look beautiful.   Pimples provide very painful effect on skin. This problem is mostly occurs during young age. Due to pimples many adults are enough shying to go to school or college. There are many home remedies to get rid from pimples. Below mentioned are the tips to get rid of pimples naturally.

#1. Using Steam : It is the best way to fight pimples. Steam helps to open your pores as well as assist circulation in your face that makes your skin pimple free and glowing. Take a small pot of boil water and Wash your face with this water. You can also put this boil water in a bowl. Now place your face in front of bowl and cover your mouth with a cloth or towel to inhale the steam of boil water.

#2. Use baking soda : It is one of the cheapest pimple treatments because baking soda available easily and at good price. Baking soda has It has an anti-inflammatory properties that assist reduce inflammation and swelling.it also soothe efflorescence, irritation or burn on the body. For very oily and engorged skin, it acts as a cleanser.

#3. Papaya : It is also known as Carica Papaya.it very useful fruit for the treatment of skin problems like pimples, acne etc. Papaya comprise of the papain enzyme, which is a proteolytic enzyme that have revitalizing and prophylactic properties for treatment of pimples.it also provides protein dissolving enzyme that helps in soften and whiten the skin.

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#4. Garlic : You can apply crushed garlic on your face to get rid of pimples. Garlic is an herbal fruit that provides various medicinal properties for skin diseases.it also offers large amount of allicin compound that has antifungal, anti-aging properties. Garlic cures various skin infections.

#5. Water : Water is the basic need for the human body .our body has 75 percent of water . Water is most useful for our skin .it also helps in digestion of food in the stomach. Drinking of 7 to 8 glass of water regularly helps in prevent from skin diseases .water opens the skin pores and clean the skin by removing dust particles and prevent pimples.

#6. Use Neem : Neem is also known for their herbal nature. It helps in fighting against many skin infections.it consists of many antibacterial properties. If you have cystic acne and dry sensitized skin, you can use neem oil to treat this. You can also use neem leaves in your bath tub during bathing.

#7. Tea Tree Oil : It has unequaled antisepticise and soothing properties that helps in treating the skin problems. You can employ tea tree oil directly to pimples. This will provide its property of fight against the bacteria. You can also use it in a face mask.

#8. Toothpaste : Toothpaste is the best way to get rid of pimples.it is also the cheapest treatment for pimples.it consists of many ingredients that provide helpful results for treatment in pimples. Or skin problems. The color of your toothpaste is not matter .you can use any toothpaste for skin problems.

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#9. Cucumber : Cucumber help clean up discarded acne tubercle and prevent the formation of new acne lesions. You can also use Cucumber juice to treat the pimples. Regular consumption of its juice helps in open the closed pores of skin and decrease many skin problems. You can also apply cucumber juice to your face on a daily basis, for better results.

#10. Lemon Juice : Pimples affect the skin on any age. Lemon is the best citrus fruit that helps in preventing pimples. Lemon is the major source of Vitamin-C that helps in exfoliating the skin and provide important step in treating acne. There is the very less chance of pimples who consume lemon juice daily.