10 Tips To Secure Your Personal Computer

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Personal computers are really helpful for humans and it is used to solve the daily routine life. It has been observed that almost all houses have a personal computer. This is because that people has understood its importance and features of it. We need to make sure that personal computer is operating in a secure way. There are many tips available to make it in a secure way. Some of the tips are given below:

#1. We need to avoid the connection of personal computer with Internet connection over a longer period of time. By connecting the computer to an Internet connection, hackers will hack the information from personal computer or they will try to spread virus into the computer. This tends to failure of operation in the computer.

#2. We should use strong anti-virus software and there are more number of viruses is developing in today’s world. Also, we should make sure that anti-virus software should undergo regular updates such that to with hold all kinds of viruses in the market.

#3. We need to set up a firewall to the personal computer and its duties are: controlling the network traffic with the help of examining what kind of data packets are traveling into the personal computer. This will be acting as a barrier for both personal computer and outside world.

#4. We need to keep an eye on scams sending through emails and we should understand that no third party person will ask for personal information through email. We should not send any reply to such emails. On replying such email, will tends to publish our network connection. This would lead to hacking of our personal computer.

#5. We should maintain personal security for important folders and documents. The password should be more powerful with the combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

#6. We should make sure that our personal computer is meeting up the minimum standards of the market and it will helps to gain more life time to the computers.

#7. We need to choose a powerful operating system from the market and we need to make sure that operating system should satisfy security and vulnerability of the personal computer to a larger extend.

#8. We need to maintain a secure network connection and it will be obtained with the help of encrypting network connection. This would be done with the help of adding https instead of http in browsing url. With regards to Facebook, we need to maintain secure network connection by selecting browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible under security section of account settings tab.

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#9. We need to maintain proper encryption when the files are stored in an external hard disk. When it is connected with personal computer and internet connection, then it is tends to hacked by others. Such encryption will avoid hacking from any network.

#10. We need to update operating system on a periodical manner and such updates would enable user to protect against vulnerabilities and bugs to the personal computer.